Event Submission

Submitter Information:

Please provide your contact information, just in case Mimi's editors have questions during the approval process. This information will not appear online or in print.

Event Information:


Date: Select the date(s) on which your event will actually occur.

Repeat: To keep Mimi's online calendar fresh and interesting, please use the "Daily" repeat for events that last less than one week. If you're not sure which repeat to use, enter the dates or repeat in the Online Summary and Mimi's editors will set the repeat up for you. No need to re-submit the information.

Print Summary: Events that benefit a non-profit organization will be considered for Mimi's print calendars.* The print summary should be a short paragraph that includes a description of the event, the location, date(s), time, and contact information. If registration or reservations are required, please indicate that as well. We don't count every word....but keeping summaries short allows Mimi to offer this service to many deserving non-profit organizations!

Print Regions: Please note regions have recently changed with our March 2016 issueView a map of Mimi's Print Regions to select the appropriate region for your event. Entering an event in multiple regions will result in duplicate listings on Mimi's website calendar and the duplicated entries will be removed.

Online Summary: There is no word limit for the Online Summary. It can be the same as the Print Summary, or longer if you have more information to share. There is no limit to the number of events one group may post on the website calendar, but not all events will be included in print. For events that can be online only, just indicate “online only” in the Print Summary box.

*Since Mimi's print calendar is a free service (and is in very high demand), we cannot guarantee that any specific event will be included in print. Most do make it into print; however, to ensure inclusion in a particular paper, you may purchase an ad by calling Mimi's office at 1-800-866-0107.