Review Policy

Mimi's policy regarding the posting of consumer reviews and other feedback is simple: Try to be encouraging.

This policy stems from Mimi's mission "to preserve business diversity" by helping and supporting locally owned businesses, and from her life philosophy "to treat people like ladies and gentlemen." Here are some simple guidelines to help ensure that your review is appropriate and will be accepted: 

  • The posting of reviews is voluntary, but Mimi encourages all visitors to participate in the process.
  • Reviews should be as encouraging as possible. Rude comments, disparaging remarks about specific staff members, impolite generalities, abusive language, and curse words will be edited or deleted.
  • No ranting (by the way, the origin of the word "rant" is ranten, which meant "to talk foolishly").
  • Overly positive or negative reviews that appear to be "plants," particularly those submitted anonymously, are subject to deletion.
  • All reviews will be approved by Mimi prior to posting.

Thank you for visiting and for your understanding and support of Mimi's mission. Together we can push back the tide of national chain homogeneity and fill our communities with diverse, quality, locally owned businesses.