A radical new approach to pain reduction with AcuZ

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Pain Rehabilitation Coach Diane Salettel (right) uses a “cold” low-light laser—the MR4—as a safe, natural method to relieve pain, whether it’s chronic or injury-related. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

For the past 20-plus years, Pain Rehabilitation Coach Diane Salettel has studied neuroscience and its effect on the body.

In that time, she’s learned a lot about how pain works. That’s led her to create the AcuZ Pain Program, a protocol of customized exercises and laser therapy to eliminate pain, restore mobility and boost performance. She uses a “cold” low-light laser—the MR4—as a safe, natural method to relieve pain, whether it’s chronic or injury-related.

Her specialty business is located inside the freshly opened AcuLaser Treatment and Wellness Centre in Brecksville and is offered as part of a spectrum of wellness services. The beautiful spa-like center offers minimally invasive, health-promoting holistic services, from laser acupuncture to reiki and therapeutic massage.

“I love working with the group of women here who are amazing, smart and so passionate about what they do,” she says. “There is good energy flowing in this place and it’s a joy to come to work every day.”

“Mind-Boggling” Approach to Pain Reduction

Diane is one of a handful of practitioners in Ohio to offer the MR4 laser.

“The effect it has on pain reduction is mind-boggling,” she says. “Not only does it address specific areas of pain, but it also brings down inflammation, which is a trigger to many diseases. It stimulates blood flow and circulation to repair tissues. Its applications are widespread. In fact, clinical studies are going on now in Brazil to study its impact in healing lung tissue in those suffering from Covid-19.”

Meet Diane’s mom, Joan Lunt from Brunswick. Working in the upholstery industry for decades did a number on her hands. Joan suffered from arthritis and her functionality was greatly reduced. She couldn’t do many everyday tasks and was in constant pain.

“After a few treatments with the laser, she felt like a new person,” says Diane. “My 81-year-old mother is now doing things she couldn’t before, gardening and jobs around the house like power-washing. It’s like she has a new lease on life.”

Another client, 60-year-old Bret from Mantua, had been in two car accidents that left him in terrible back pain and with a rotated posture. There was damage to his spine, shoulder and hip.

L-R: Luciana McCartney’s AcuLaser Treatment and Wellness Centre, in Brecksville, has now partnered with Diane Salettel, owner of AcuZ.

Diane recommended combining different exercises for vision and inner ear to bring his body back into alignment, as well as the laser treatment.

“We began with a thorough assessment and medical history to pinpoint his injury and what was contributing to the pain,” she says. “After just a few sessions, he says his pain is reduced and he’s even hitting his golf ball much farther and straighter.”

She says the laser treats a broad range of ailments in addition to pain relief, such as sinus problems, plantar fasciitis, headaches, carpal tunnel, sciatica, back pain and shingles.

“I have helped people from students to seniors, athletes to weekend warriors,” she says. “The laser also aids in sports performance.”

Most people require three to five sessions with the laser, and then boosters as a follow-up. Cost is $60 per one-hour session or $250 for a package of five.

Clients lie or sit on a massage table while she targets areas with the hand-held laser. The service is pain free.

“I’m fascinated by the neuroscience behind how our bodies move and function and I educate my clients throughout the treatment,” she says. “Everyone is looking for safer pain relief that doesn’t rely on medications. The AcuZ Pain Program checks that box.”

AcuZ is part of the AcuLaser Treatment and Wellness Centre, located at 7000 Fitzwater Road, Suite 230, in Brecksville. Call 440-382-1059 or visit AcuLaserTreatment.com/pain-treatments for more information.