A skeptic no more, Jim Hackenberg is convinced that the MaxStrength Fitness program offers the key to longevity

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Jim Hackenberg didn’t think the MaxStrength Fitness program could live up to its claims. Then, he tried it. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

The largest living adult population in the history of time—baby boomers—is belying its name by getting older, grayer and slowing down. The stats are mind-blowing…10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day.

But a large segment of this population is refusing to go gently into the good night. They are looking for science-based answers to defy aging and stay in excellent physical shape throughout their golden years.

“People are living longer nowadays, but they also want to live better,” says Jeff Tomaszewski, founder of MaxStrength Fitness studio.

“Many of our clients are baby boomers who have seen and heard about people staying fit throughout their senior years. We’ve created a program to build muscle mass that we feel is the key to aging better.”

He also references studies that show people can effectively combat issues such as osteoporosis by building muscle mass.

“The natural decrease of muscle mass with each passing year triggers other issues in a domino effect, including immune function, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, decreased energy, hormone levels and more,” he says.

Meet Jim Hackenberg
In the dictionary, a skeptic is defined as a person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.

But somewhere in smaller print underneath, an apt addendum would mention *see Jim Hackenberg.

According to Jim,

“I have always been suspicious and skeptical of advertising claims, particularly those related to health benefits or body improvement. MaxStrength promises 20 minutes, twice a week? Forget about it, no way. However, a friend I consider credible had joined and highly praised the program. Well, I tried it and it’s all you need for muscle tone and strength.”

Though somewhere in his seventh decade, Jim has no plans of slowing down. He still works five days a week as an attorney and has been a long-term board member for the Lake Health Board of Trustees. He’s also served as law director for several local cities.

Jeff points out that, like Jim, a significant number of his clients are in their 60s, 70s and beyond, and they’re all looking to reverse the effects of aging on the body, which is possible.

A Perfect Fit with Busy Calendars
Convenience is an important element of the MaxStrength protocol. Like other overscheduled executives on the go, Jim likes to come in wearing his street clothes, enjoy a 20-minute workout twice a week, and put his tie back on and head to work. Since there’s no sweat, there’s no need for a shower.

“It was important to me to build up muscle in my legs, because it seems as you age, the legs are the first to go, and they are so important in balance and keeping you involved in a greater number of everyday activities,” says Jim. “I like that my muscles are pushed to failure on each exercise.”

Jim reports he feels wonderful and doesn’t mind having the tables turned on his skepticism. (At least this time.)

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