Achieve your maximum transformation in just 20 minutes, twice a week

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The professional atmosphere, laser-focused attention from his trainer and workouts customized to his unique needs and goals allow Jeff Tomaszewski’s (left) MaxStrength Fitness clients like Patrick Perotti to experience a myriad of benefits, from becoming stronger to gaining muscle mass, flexibility and energy, as well as losing body fat percentage. The impact is profound. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

The top reason people give for not exercising is they don’t have the time.

And that’s what creates the sweet spot for MaxStrength Fitness training studios.

All it takes is 20 minutes, twice a week, to get in the best shape of your life. Although the workouts are challenging, there’s no sweating involved (studio temps are pleasantly set in the 60s). You can pop in on your lunch hour and head back to work without needing a shower afterward.

“Our methodology appeals to those who appreciate results-driven, science-based efficiency,” says Jeff Tomaszewski, founder of MaxStrength. “Taking the opposite approach than most gyms, we don’t want our members hanging out here six nights a week on the equipment. We want to achieve the best results in the least amount of time so our members can get on with their busy lives.”

Via precision computerized exercise machines, the intense, trainer-led workouts max out your muscles efficiently and safely. Spacing out the workouts to just twice a week allows optimal time for adaptive change to take place. The muscles rebuild stronger with downtime between sessions.

With a background in sports medicine, physical therapy and athletic training, Jeff was uniquely qualified to put all of the pieces together to create this novel program.

“Simply put: We work smarter, not longer, to produce life-changing, transformational results,” he says. “There are a myriad of benefits our clients experience, from becoming stronger to gaining muscle mass, flexibility and energy, as well as losing body fat percentage. The impact is profound.”

Meet Attorney Patrick J. Perotti
This class action lawyer, who is a partner at Dworken & Bernstein in downtown Cleveland, has been lauded locally and nationally for his efforts with the Ohio Lawyers Give Back organization.

He has advocated for the use of a doctrine called “cy pres,” which allows for unclaimed class action funds to be distributed to charities. Because of his tireless work, to date more than $32 million has gone to 300+ charities and non-profit organizations.

“Pat was actually one of our first clients,” recalls Jeff. “He’s been coming for the past 12 years. Even though he’s incredibly starved for time, traveling extensively both personally and professionally, he understands the connection between these workouts and building lean muscle mass, which prevents injury and disease.”

Patrick says what he likes best about MaxStrength is how customized the workouts are, as well as how precise the trainers behave and the fact that they’re fanatics when it comes to perfect form.

“For instance, with even simple moves, such as arm extensions, they make sure elbows are slightly bent to prevent wear and tear on the joints while maximizing the muscle fatigue by keeping a constant tension on the muscle,” says Patrick. “The trainers are very professional. They seem to know exactly when to push me harder to achieve the best results.”

At 63, Patrick says he still likes to dabble in the hobbies he’s always enjoyed—from competitive roller skating to road biking, water skiing and snow skiing—and reports he plans to continue enjoying them for decades to come.

MaxStrength Fitness is located in Westlake, at 2211 Crocker Road, Suite 120, orat 4212 State Route 306 in Willoughby. To experience this style of exercise, just call 440-835-9090 for Westlake and 440-226-8080 for Willoughbyand request your complimentary initial consultation and demo workout. For more information, or to view more testimonials, visit