Allegria Studio's innovation results in an entirely new way to apply permanent makeup

Allegria Lips
Some clients don’t want the hassle of applying makeup, others are searching for ways to address the ravages of health issues. At her Allegria Studio and Micro Hair Clinic, owner Alla Yesinovskiy offers personalized permanent makeup options.

By Mary Malik

Allegria Studio and Micro Hair Clinic is a little slice of the big city right here in Chagrin Falls. Imagine never applying eyeliner, using eyebrow pencils or lining your lips again. Permanent makeup is more popular than ever and its application is a skill that should be placed only in the hands of an expert.

You may think you have to travel to Los Angeles or New York to find a qualified practitioner and a high-end experience. Alla Yesinovskiy, owner of Allegria Studio, is not just qualified, she also has an extensive background in the anatomy and physiology of the face.

Along with her many accreditations in micropigmentation techniques, local anesthesia and pain control, Alla is a licensed tattoo professional and is certified in microblading. All of these skills, along with Alla’s continuing education in the latest state-of-the-art techniques, add up to Alla being uniquely qualified to offer her clients the best in permanent makeup and beyond.

“My clients come to me for very different reasons, but all are in search of a solution,” says Alla.

“Some people are interested in simplifying their lives by not having to spend time applying makeup every day. Others want to cover scars, fill in sparse eyebrows, create hairlines and address other cosmetic needs. I use many techniques to create beautiful results for my clients. And when I couldn’t get quite the look I wanted, I created a new technique.”

Through Alla’s extensive experience, she felt there had to be a better, more precise way to perform some of the services she provides. So, she created Airfill, a painless technique that is not traumatic to the skin, causes no swelling and results in a softer, more natural look. This technique has been trademarked and published with US Patent and Trademark Office.

“Airfill creates pixels, it doesn’t draw lines like traditional permanent makeup,” says Alla.

“I don’t dig into the skin tissue, which can cause bleeding of the color and gives a harsh, more intense result. Airfill allows me to be more precise. I know exactly where the color will go and it stays there.”

Alla’s philosophy is all about creating solutions to problems. Permanent makeup is a time saver for so many, but it’s also a confidence booster that can really be life-changing. The field is constantly evolving and addressing issues like cleft palates, facial and body scars, hairline recession, pigmentation issues and stretch marks. Alla uses a combination of microblading and her own Airfill technique to address all of these issues and more.

“I have cancer patients who have lost eyebrows and clients with hair loss as a result of thyroid problems or medications. These issues affect who we are,” says Alla. “I can offer solutions and provide my clients a service and an experience to help them look and feel better.”

Alla performs her magic in a state-of-the-art, brand new facility in Chagrin Falls. Stepping into the pristine, beautiful surroundings of Allegria Studio is an experience in itself. Clients know immediately that they are in the hands of a professional.

“I am fully certified for every technique I offer and our facility is licensed by the Ohio Department of Health” says Alla.

“I use disposable or sterilized instrumentation for the ultimate in infection control and our infection control is the same as you would find in a medical facility or hospital, with the majority of supplies being disposable. My client’s safety and comfort are of the utmost importance.”

Alla’s main goal for any service she provides is client satisfaction.

“This isn’t just a spa offering permanent makeup,” says Alla. “I analyze your skin, your facial structure and take all of this into consideration to help you decide what is right for you. Every procedure is not for every person. I work with you to arrive at the most natural-looking, beautiful result.”

Alla not only performs all of the procedures herself, she also teaches others in the various techniques. Allegria Studio is approved by the Ohio Board of Health for teaching permanent makeup and microblading, and the curriculum that Alla has designed meets all state regulations necessary for certification in these services.

“I have traveled all over the world, to Paris, Russia, Greece, Israel and more, to learn new techniques and offer my clients the latest developments in this field,” says Alla.

“I love passing along my knowledge to others. Providing the best services available for people is what motivated me to start my own business in permanent makeup application.”

For Alla, it’s not just about makeup, it’s about giving people more confidence and helping them to feel better about themselves.

“Things are constantly changing in this field,” says Alla.

“I now offer chemical tattoo removal, a chemical peel designed to remove the color without damaging the skin. This is a breakthrough that will help so many.”

Allegria Studio is located at 7181 Chagrin Road, Suite LL-4, in Chagrin Falls. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Alla at 440-214-0374, email or check the website,