Alzheimer’s and dementia don’t care if there’s a pandemic or not, they still demand to take hold

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To take the stress out of finding immediate care, or to help people safely plan ahead without the worry of having to tour a number of different facilities, Roxanne Wesie (left), Community Resource Director at Greenfield Estates, and Holly Soresso, Community Resource Director at Cardinal Court, are offering virtual tours. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

If you have a loved one currently living in a senior care facility, you know firsthand how emotionally devastating it’s been to have been apart from the person you care about all these months. But at Cardinal Court, in Strongsville, and Greenfield Estates, in Copley, there is new hope—and new light.

“As important as it is for our residents to stay physically healthy, their mental health is also crucial,” says Holly Soresso, a Community Resource Director for JEA Senior Living, which owns and operates Cardinal Court and Greenfield Estates, two of the most highly regarded Alzheimer’s and dementia care facilities in Northeast Ohio. “That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome visitors back.”

Holly is based in Strongsville. Her counterpart, Roxanne Wesie, who is a nurse as well as a Community Resource Director, is based in Copley.

“We’ve been great with virtual activities, like baking and pumpkin decorating via FaceTime,” Roxanne smiles. “We’ve also had our residents ‘have dinner’ with their family members at home, remotely. And we’re going to continue to be creative, helping our residents and their families stay connected. But now we’re able to welcome family members back for in-person visits and we couldn’t be happier.”

Holly says both facilities are and have been Covid free. To keep them that way, the teams at both locations are strictly following all guidelines. But scheduled, indoor, half-hour visits by family members is a welcome new change.

Seeking Care During Covid
“People don’t stop getting Alzheimer’s and dementia because there’s a pandemic,” Roxanne laments. “The upside is that because more people are staying home, they may have the opportunity to keep their loved one afflicted with Alzheimer’s or dementia with them, instead of moving them to a care facility.”

“The flip side of that is others are noticing just how far their family member has progressed with the disease and it’s become very apparent that being at home is no longer an option,” Holly adds.

To take the stress out of finding immediate care, or to help people safely plan ahead without the worry of having to tour a number of different facilities, Roxanne says she and Holly are giving facility tours virtually.

“People really appreciate that they can tour either Cardinal Court or Greenfield Estates from the comfort of their home,” Roxanne shares. “We take them on a walk-through of the facility, and they get to meet our management team and other staff members. We even visit food services. It’s the next-best thing to being here.”

Holly and Roxanne recognize that choosing a care facility virtually is not the same as visiting in person but want to assure families that both locations come highly recommended by scores of local families.

One of the reasons is the Meaningful Moments program, which helps to keep residents connected to their past. And both Cardinal Court and Greenfield Estates are designed to resemble the interior of a warm and inviting home. Life stations dot the hallways to help connect residents to the past. Before a new resident establishes him or herself, Holly and her team interview the family to find out what kind of life the person has lived, then his or her story is incorporated into a care plan.

“We’re an extension of family and we show our residents a lot of love,” Holly smiles.

Take a virtual tour of Cardinal Court or Greenfield Estates Alzheimer’s Special Care Centers and experience the difference these dementia care units can make in the life of someone you love. Call Cardinal Court, 18719 Drake Road, in Strongsville, at 440-268-9180, or Greenfield Estates, 3522 Commercial Drive, in Copley, at 330-664-1650. The web address is