Anthony Peto’s Sewer Cleaning Company keeps your pipes flowing freely, avoiding expensive and messy backups

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Sewer Cleaning Company founder Anthony Peto (right) and technician Mike Okerwell use advanced water jet systems to clean drains, sewer lines, downspouts and more. They help homeowners and businesses prevent sewer backups, basement flooding and foundation damage. (Photography: Lynn Margalit)

By Mitch Allen

You know, it really is a beautiful world and there’s a reason for that: Right now, under our feet and behind our walls, sewer lines and drain pipes are invisibly and diligently carrying away our waste water 24/7 without complaint.

That is, until they complain.

When I hear the first gurgle from my downstairs toilet, I know what’s coming—sewage back-up in my basement. And it always seems to happen when we have houseguests.

Usually my in-laws.

“That’s because you’re sending a greater degree of waste and water down the drain when you have company,” explains Anthony Peto, founder of Sewer Cleaning Company. “More people are taking showers and you’re running the clothes washer and dishwasher more. That’s just too much volume for the clogged pipe—so it all comes right back up.”

In a word, yuck.

An Ounce of Prevention
Anthony’s company isn’t just for homeowners and businesses with a backed-up drain. There’s no reason to wait that long. The key is prevention.

“If you’re nervous every time a toilet flushes or every time it rains or every time you have houseguests, then call us,” says Anthony, who has 19 years experience in construction and property management. “That’s just no way to live.”

Although Anthony and his team have traditional snakes and cutter heads at their disposal, they specialize in clearing lines with today’s high-tech, high-pressure water jets designed to tackle different types of clogs.

“We have a powerful 4,000 psi, 9-gallons-per-minute water jet system with the capacity to clean up to an 8-inch commercial sanitary line, or a small, 1.25-inch vanity drain line,” he says.

Plus, Sewer Cleaning Company’s advanced videoscoping system means that they know in advance what kind of clog you have because they run a camera down your sewer and record what’s going on.

“It’s like a colonoscopy for your pipes,” Anthony says, “People understand exactly what that means. Once we have a ‘diagnosis,’ then we know exactly how to treat it.”

Types of Clogs
Homeowners rely on Sewer Cleaning Company to avoid expensive and embarrassing backups, and businesses do, too, including restaurants that want to avoid grease clogs, salons that deal with hair clogs, and property management companies that struggle with many different types of blocked drains resulting from tenants not knowing what should go down the drain—and what should not.

Anthony says there are at least six things you should never put down your sink, garbage disposal or toilet: wet wipes, facial tissue (Kleenex), paper towels, feminine hygiene products (pads and tampons), peanut butter, or any kind of grease, including Crisco, butter, and bacon grease.

“If it’s a solid at room temperature—like butter—then it’s going to return to being a solid once it cools off in your sewer line,” Anthony cautions. “These things should go in the trash can, never down the drain.”

Technician Mike Okerwell uses a variety of custom jets designed to safely perform different functions. These include jets for descaling, degreasing, flushing, penetrating, and the “Warthog” to remove stubborn roots

Tree Roots
Although you can help avoid clogged drains by following Anthony’s advice, it won’t help you with one of the biggest culprits: tree roots.

“Tree roots are relentless,” Anthony says. “They’ll work their way into your sewer line through even the tiniest crack. It’s like they have a mind of their own, but actually they are attracted to the water in your lines.”

If your sewer line is just too far gone, Sewer Cleaning Company can even do the excavation to replace lines. “But that’s a last resort,” Anthony adds.

Gutters and Drain Tiles
Unfortunately, sewer lines and drains aren’t the only things to worry about. Clogged drain tiles at the foundation of your house, as well as clogged gutters, can lead to basement flooding.

“Sometimes a damp basement is caused by a clogged drain tile,” Anthony says, “That’s the pipe—often terracotta—that drains the water from your foundation. So before you spend thousands on basement waterproofing, get peace of mind by spending a few hundred with us. It might be a simple fix.”

Protecting Your Home
There’s no question that cleaning sewers is a dirty job, but Anthony and his team work hard to make sure there is no evidence that they were ever in your home, including wearing booties and adding corner guards to their equipment to avoid damaging your baseboards and door trim.

“You have invited us into your home,” Anthony says. “We honor that by treating you and your home with dignity and respect.”

Sewer Cleaning Company is headquartered in Chesterland, but serves all of Northeast Ohio. For more information, to schedule a service or get a free over-the-phone quote, call 440-290-6055 or visit and fill out the convenient contact form. The company typically offers same-day or next-day service.

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