At OsteoStrong in Bainbridge, every aspect of a person’s wellbeing can be improved

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OsteoStrong clients only have to come in once a week for a 15-minute session. The experience is refreshingly sweat-free and pain-free. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Walk into the OsteoStrong studio in Bainbridge on any given day, and you’ll find a diverse group of folks—just like the ones seen here—each at a different age, stage and circumstance for seeking their best level of health and wellness.

Compared to the average mega-gym, with rows and rows of machines, overmanned by noisy, sweaty throngs of people, the OsteoStrong studio is relatively compact, calm and quiet. It encompasses a room for a hydromassage table, another for a handful of highly specialized BioDensity machines, and a third for the PEMF mat for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

“Our system improves anyone’s functionality and performance by strengthening the musculoskeletal system,” says Van Brower, who, along with his wife, Stacie, owns the studio. “It’s a game-changer for boosting flexibility and balance, providing relief from back or joint pain and arthritis, and reversing and preventing bone density loss. Every aspect of a person’s well-being is improved.”

Clients only have to come in once a week for a 15-minute session. The experience is refreshingly sweat-free and pain-free.

In the middle room with the high-tech machinery, each session starts with a few minutes spent in vibration therapy on the Whole Body Vibe Plate, which emits gentle vibrations that cause micro-contractions to muscles and joints that stimulate the nervous system.

Then you move on to four specialized Spectrum machines that encourage the body’s adaptive response to rebuild bone and muscle. Before or after workouts, people can take a session on the PEMF mat, which stimulates the metabolic, neurological, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems.

Stacie explains that throughout the workout, a coach works one-on-one with each person, making sure their isometric form is correct, and each machine calibrated properly.

This is Their Workout, These Are Their Stories
Meet Virginia, Chuck, Braedan, Ilona and Scotty—the people you’ll meet on any given Wednesday.

Virginia Dix, age 50-something

Virginia Dix
“After being treated for breast cancer in 2012, I was told by my osteopath that I had osteoporosis. I received an injection of the bone-building drug Reclast, but it did not reverse the progression of bone loss at all. My T-score had flatlined. Then my doctor recommended I try OsteoStrong. Although at first I was skeptical that one session per week was enough to work, I felt noticeably stronger after several sessions. And my number improved for bone density, without any medication.”

Chuck and Braedan Shultz, 30-something and 11 years old

Braedan Shultz
Chuck Shultz
“I played sports my whole life, football, basketball, baseball, track, and did not train properly. Before coming to OsteoStrong, I was having serious low back pain. And it didn’t help that working for Cintas, I do a lot of lifting for my job. After a few sessions here, my pain has vanished, and I feel ready to go on a ski trip out west in a few months. My son, Braedan, is also an athlete, playing travel baseball, football, golf and skiing. I don’t want him to follow in my footsteps and be left with pain as an adult. Since he’s started here, we’ve noticed a big difference in his speed and agility on the field. And especially as he heads into his growth spurt years, we want to build muscle the proper way.”

Ilona Davis, 50-something

Ilona Davis
“I suffer from osteopenia, or weak bones. After a bad fall, where I hurt my shoulder and it required surgery, I figured I had to do something. Then I listened to a podcast by Dr. John Jaquish, the chief science advisor to OsteoStrong, and the scientific data to back up the system is remarkable. So, I tried it. After a year of training here, the medical technician who did my DEXA bone scan was shocked by how much stronger my bones had become. I feel I’ve become stronger overall, too. For instance, I’ve more than doubled the amount of weight I can do on the leg press machine. Everyone here is so accommodating and kind. They make it a wonderful experience.”

Scotty Ellsworth, 20-something

Scotty Ellsworth
“I play baseball for Lakeland Community College and was having an issue with my elbow. I saw the trainers at my school, but it wasn’t feeling any better. And I had a broken wrist injury that was still bothering me. After a month or so of training here, I noticed every part of my game was improved. I’m running faster, throwing faster (79 mph to 83 mph) and feeling stronger. I went from being able to bench press 180 pounds to 235 pounds. I’m even sleeping better and have more energy. The pain in my elbow and wrist is gone.”

OsteoStrong is located at 8582 E. Washington Road at the corner of Route 306 in Bainbridge. Although traditional insurances do not cover these sessions, many medical savings accounts do. Call 440-591-5060 or for more information.