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Preparing little ones for the rigors of school

In the time of Covid, the only thing for parents more worrisome than managing the shifting landscape of career demands is dealing with childcare. During its two-month shutdown this spring, All Around Children in Strongsville upgraded its operation to accommodate students ages five through 12, who are now back to school in hybrid learning. A...

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The University Hospitals Breast Cancer Center at UH Geauga Medical Center provides support and guidance when a woman needs it most

Understandably, a breast cancer diagnosis is likely to bring on anxiety and confusion that can make it more difficult for a patient to navigate through the treatment process. That’s why the University Hospitals Breast Cancer Center at UH Geauga Medical Center provides patients with as much support and guidance as possible, assures Xuan Huang,...

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Sangomas Residential Services is helping people with developmental or other disabilities

After helping persons with disabilities and economic disadvantages for decades, Michelle Lastovka and Rhonda Reid-Hogan joined forces last year so they could expand their reach and advocate for better care. As co-owners of Sangomas Residential Services, their caring, nurturing demeanor is infused in everything they do. “I have been a...

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A visit to Amish Country’s Der Dutchman restaurant yields a number of delicious surprises

Given the opportunity to tour the Chef’s Harvest greenhouse in Millersburg, my co-workers and I were immediately overwhelmed by a wonderful sense of well-being and joy. Sounds ridiculous, right? Surrounded by thousands of nutrient-rich green plants thriving in clear spring water and beautiful sunlight, we wanted to soak it up just like the...

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Should you get cancer coverage?

The reality is, as we age, we’re more likely to get cancer. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, 80% of all diagnosed cancer in the United States is among people 55 and older. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that the median out-of-pocket cost for cancer drugs exceeds $8,000. And many insurance plans these days have higher...

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