Avoid the frantic phone call and have S&S Heating, Cooling and Sheet Metal treat your furnace to a precision tune-up, before the flakes start to fly

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A precision tune-up from S&S Heating, Cooling & Sheet Metal can ensure your furnace is winter-ready the first time you switch it on. And for a limited time, you can save big. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit)

By Laura Briedis

“It seems like in Northeast Ohio we only have two seasons—summer and winter—so there is not much time between to get prepared for the temperature swing,” says Mark Staron II, who is the second “S” in S&S Heating, Cooling & Sheet Metal, a company his parents, Mark Sr. and Gayle, founded in 1989.

Some days it’s perfectly acceptable to run your heat and air conditioning within the same day. And that’s right where we are now: warm Indian summer days followed by temps dipping into the 50s at night.

But as the daylight shortens, the temperatures will continue to dip and there is no hiding from Northeast Ohio’s cold winter grip. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, we may be in for a brutal winter. Teeth-chattering cold with plenty of snow is predicted for the Great Lakes region.

To get you prepared, S&S Heating, Cooling & Sheet Metal is helping homeowners stay comfortable year-round. The company ensures the indoor comfort of homes and businesses through service and repairs, installation and preventative maintenance on all types of heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, boiler and steam, as well as tank and tankless water heaters.

Tuning it Up
“The phone rings off the hook those first couple weeks in the fall when people turn on their furnace for the first time and it doesn’t work,” says Mark.

“But even if it seems to be working fine, the real question to ask is, is it operating at peak efficiency?”

With a dedicated staff of certified tune-up technicians, the company recommends that homeowners get a precision tune-up every fall and spring.

“Think of a heating and cooling tune-up as if it were an oil change for your home,” says Mark. “You’d never think of going without one for your car or it wouldn’t operate properly. The same is true for your home.”

“This is a thorough, two-hour service with a 30-plus item checklist,” he explains. “We don’t just look over your unit. We tune, clean, lubricate and make any necessary adjustments to keep your unit running at peak efficiency.”

“It is important to note that many of the manufacturer’s warranties are void if the homeowner does not do regular maintenance,” he adds.

Staying Warm
“Everyone waits until it gets really cold outside to start thinking about their furnace,” says Mark.

“But now is the ideal time to start shopping for a new furnace if you want to upgrade. We help homeowners make an informed purchase by helping them sort through the maze of HVAC equipment on the market.”

S&S Heating also has a mobile metal shop, in which the installers can design and fabricate ductwork from a precision installation trailer that is driven to the jobsite.

Not many heating and cooling companies boast the ability to custom design and build their own ductwork through sheet metal fabrication.

“Ductwork is elemental to creating a home that’s completely comfortable,” says Mark. “For instance, we might need to reroute a duct here or there to adjust to a room’s dimensions. And often we go to a home that was constructed without much thought to heating and cooling.”

Purifying the Air
Another consideration when homeowners close the windows heading into fall is indoor air quality.

“Homes are being built tighter than ever, and though that’s great for keeping heated or cooled air within the home, it also seals in allergens, such as dust mites in the carpeting, and mold,” Mark explains.

S&S can install a Trane CleanEffects whole-house air filtration unit to reduce contaminants, deodorize and purify the air to get rid of allergens, germs and odors.

Getting Smarter
It is not only your phone that is smart nowadays. More and more homes are also becoming smart.

“With Nexia whole-home automation systems, we are taking your home’s comfort and efficiency to a new level,” says Mark.

“Not only can you control your units through Wi-Fi from your phone, tablet or computer, but we can also monitor your system and get an alert when something is wrong. This way we often can solve a problem remotely so you don’t need to pay for a service call.”

In addition to controlling your heating and cooling units, the Nexia app can control more than 400 smart home products, including lighting, door locks, security cameras and sprinkler systems.

“With all of the high-tech touches nowadays, we still take pride in old-fashioned customer service,” comments Mark. “We are honest and always do right by our customers.”

S&S Heating, Cooling & Sheet Metal is located at 1353 Ridge Road in Hinckley. All S&S technicians are certified in heating and air conditioning installation and repair from leading manufacturers and North American Technician Excellence (NATE). Call 440-237-3663 or visit SSHeating.com for more information.