By learning how to eat correctly, and work off the calories, you can and will lose weight at Empowering Punch

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By learning how to eat correctly—and work off the calories—you can have your fruitcake and eat it too.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

Some of us gorge relentlessly on holiday sweets, vowing to reverse the damage after the calendar flips to a new year. Others shame themselves into abstaining from the seasonal treats that are often the best thing about showing up at office parties and family gatherings.

By learning how to eat correctly—and work off the calories—you can have your fruitcake and eat it too, argues Danyl Scianna, co-owner of Empowering Punch Personal Training and Fitness Studio in Strongsville’s SouthPark Mall.

“You needn’t wait for a New Year’s resolution,” Danyl suggests. “If you start your fitness and nutrition plan now, we can teach you how to enjoy the holiday feasts without gaining the extra 10 pounds. And you’ll get a jump-start on a healthy, happy new year.”

Empowering Punch’s Fitness Nutrition membership package makes it simple and affordable to accomplish.

“It’s a perfect fit between our group fitness classes and our personal training membership,” Danyl explains.

“To be truly successful in achieving your fitness goals, a program must include exercise, nutrition and accountability. Our Premier Fitness Nutrition Package delivers coaching, planning and inspiration from our certified personal trainers every step of the way. It’s the next best thing to private workouts.”

Moderation—not excruciating fad diets—is key to a successful nutrition plan, insists Matt Arcangelini, Wellness Programs Director at Empowering Punch. Matt says the Fitness Nutrition Package includes a dietician approved meal plan and the establishment and adjustment of long- and short-term goals.

“Empowering Punch has empowered me to control my life through enhanced and proper diet, exercise and mindset,” confirms Jeff Duke, who lost 116 pounds in 11 months on the Fitness Nutrition package at Empowering Punch.

“This has allowed me to control my life and avoid the temptations of over consumption of food and drink.”

Sixty-one-year-old Sally Dash says she lost 50 pounds in five months on the Empowering Punch Fitness Nutrition package.

“The staff, trainers and nutritional coaches have helped keep me on track and motivated,” she says. “I enjoy fitness boxing. It has truly changed my mindset about health and fitness.”

The studio’s signature program, fitness boxing, is one of many group classes offered at Empowering Punch. And now, Empowering Punch offers Friday Night Fights—sparring matches under the close supervision of co-owner Paul Scianna, boxing coach and former professional boxer.

“We started it in November by popular demand, and members are having a blast with it,” Danyl says. “It’s a fun extension of our competitive boxing class.”

Group classes and personalized training at Empowering Punch helped Tony Catanzarite lose 50 pounds and 15 percent body fat in one year.

“One day late last year I hopped on the scale and decided enough was enough,” Tony says.

“Enough of being tired just walking up a set of stairs. Enough of being too tired or immobile to play with my kids. I reached out to Empowering Punch for help. It is enjoyable to work out in a personalized manner instead of a typical one-size-fits-all generic work out.”

To help get you started on your holiday fitness plan, during December, Empowering Punch is offering 50 percent off the first month fee for any membership.

You can learn more at, or by calling 440-572-2270. Empowering Punch is located in SouthPark Mall, in Strongsville, next to Dick’s Sporting Goods.