Casey's Corner: Bag the resolutions

Dec 7 Blog
Casey Wandell, owner of Title Boxing Club, reveals why his members stick around long after the New Year.

By Patricia Nugent

When it comes to torching those holiday calories or burning fat leftover from Thanksgiving stuffing, there is hands-down no workout more effective than the Power Hour at Title Boxing Club in Strongsville.

Owner and instructor Casey Wandell has become well-known for his inspirational quotes that keep people motivated throughout his high-intensity classes. Due to popular demand, the studio has even begun offering T-shirts featuring the uplifting “Casey-isms.”

We continue this month with another one of his sage insights.

Casey’s Law #5: Bag the Resolutions
“Losing weight is America’s number one New Year’s resolution. But an estimated 80 percent of those resolutions will fail. There’s a reason parking lots at gyms are packed in January, half full by February and ghost towns by March.

Real commitment doesn’t begin at the stroke of midnight. People who make a generic resolution to lose weight and get back in shape without a specific plan to do it end up failing. Don’t mistake wishfulness for willpower.

Quick fixes simply do not work. Success is an ongoing, day-to-day effort. Achieving your goals takes changing the behavior that put you in a resolution frame of mind in the first place.

You need to congratulate yourself for every tiny success. Did you wake up at 6 a.m. and head to the gym for a workout even though you felt like sleeping in? Way to go!

Putting healthy habits back in your life will effect the lasting change needed to improve your body and boost your self-esteem.

At Title Boxing Club, we are in it for the long haul. This is a supportive environment. You have to experience our explosive workouts and the results they produce to understand why our members join—and stay with us—long after the parking lots at other places are empty.”

Title Boxing Club is located at 14783 Pearl Road in Strongsville, just south of Route 82. Interested in an empowering, exhilarating classes? Come lace up your gloves. Your first Title Boxing Club class is free, with no obligation. Call 1-855-BOXING-9 or visit, or follow them on Instagram at #TBCboxCLE for more information. Casey Wandell also owns Title Boxing Clubs in Mentor, Solon, Highland Heights and Ohio City.

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