Casey's Corner: Dominate

Casey Wandell, owner of Title Boxing Club, redefines the word "dominate."

By Patricia Nugent

Casey Wandell, owner of Title Boxing Club in Strongsville, has become as famous for his inspirational quotes as he has for his mega-calorie-torching workouts that burn fat and increase flexibility and agility.

Due to popular demand, the studio has even begun offering T-shirts featuring his uplifting “Casey-isms.”

We continue this month with another one of Casey’s motivational insights.

Casey’s Law #4: Dominate.
“Merriam Webster defines the word as ‘To have a commanding influence on, or exercise control over.’

I define it as each person finding a way to be the best he or she can be. I finish every email with ‘See you at the Top,’ and that’s how I live my life, always striving to achieve more.

Sometimes we take for granted that our bodies are miraculous machines. You were perfectly engineered to run, jump and kick, not just stand around. Why waste time at a gym just walking listlessly on a treadmill going nowhere? Or standing there bored doing bicep curls with dumbbells?

At Title Boxing Club, our focus is on functional athleticism. We design moves to work every muscle in your body. Your heart is a muscle and we’ll strengthen it—to pump blood efficiently to nourish all of your other muscles.

After a few classes, the magic happens. You will carry yourself differently. Your core will be stronger. Whether you are a teenager, soccer mom, high-performance athlete or senior citizen, you will feel empowered physically, mentally and spiritually, looking better and feeling better inside and out.

Performance will be elevated within every aspect of your daily activity. Your life is a journey of your own making. How are you going to dominate it?”

Title Boxing Club is located at 14783 Pearl Road in Strongsville, just south of Route 82. Interested in the club’s empowering, exhilarating classes? Come lace up your gloves. Your first Title Boxing Club class is free, with no obligation. Call 1-855-BOXING-9 or visit, or follow them on Instagram at #TBCboxCLE for more information. Casey Wandell also owns Title Boxing Clubs in Solon, Highland Heights and Ohio City, which are three of the top performing clubs in the country.