Casey's Corner: Hard things are hard

Anything worth achieving in life is not supposed to be easy.

By Patricia Nugent

Nicknamed “The Preacher,” Casey Wandell owns Title Boxing Club in Strongsville, where he is also an instructor of explosive total body workouts that boost body, mind and spirit.

As much a philosopher as he is a fitness guru, his gift lies in encouraging people to believe in themselves, physically and mentally. 

Casey’s Law #2: Hard Things Are Hard.
“We live in an age of instant gratification, where everything is available at our fingertips. But anything worth achieving in life is not supposed to be easy. Nearly 50 years ago, an American walked on the moon—because it was the hard thing to do,” Casey says. 

“Is it easy to say no to cheesecake, sundaes and happy hours? Heck no. Is it easy to say yes to broccoli and cauliflower? Not even a little. 

Is it easy to roll out of bed on a chilly morning and drag yourself to the studio for a workout? No, but daily doses of discipline make the difference between being in great shape and being a couch potato. Your choice. Everyone wants to be their best selves, and you cannot do that by following the easiest path. Hard things are hard.”

Title Boxing Club is located at 14783 Pearl Road in Strongsville, just south of Route 82. Call 1-855-BOXING-9, visit, or follow the club on Instagram at #TBCboxCLE for more information.