Dan Peck of Painting Solutions is a stickler for producing the perfect paint job

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The pros at Dan Peck’s Painting Solutions are trained in the art of abseiling, a French word that means to repel. It’s how the crew tackles tough jobs like painting a large building or church steeple. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

A fresh coat of paint can make practically any home or business look like new. Specializing in expert application is Painting Solutions of Chardon. Owner Dan Peck started painting as a summer job in high school and has been freshening up homes and businesses throughout Northeast Ohio ever since.

“I took the skills I developed and started my own company,” says Dan. “I enjoy the satisfaction of painting. There’s no other home project like it. I love seeing the customers’ reactions to our work. They’re happy and it feels good to be a part of that.”

Not only does painting freshen the look of a place, it’s also the most cost-effective way to increase the value of a home. Statistics say that a $1,000 painting investment offers just over a $2,000 increase in the value of a home.

“And it’s worth it to hire professionals,” says Dan. “Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good. We are very fairly priced for the work we do—I make sure of that. And I’ll do anything to make sure the customer is happy with the result.”

For Painting Solutions, no job is too small, or too big.

“We’ve painted large buildings, water parks and churches including the steeples,” says Dan.

Did you ever wonder how the highest points of buildings get painted? Talk about ‘don’t try this at home.’ It’s a technique called abseiling.

“It’s a French word meaning controlled descent or rappelling,” says Dan. “We are trained in this method where industrial ropes are coiled around the body and fixed at a higher point. The painter works his way down from the top. It’s more cost effective than building scaffolding or other disruptive equipment around a structure.”

But Dan didn’t need the abseil method for the job that led to the biggest job Painting Solutions has ever had.

“I was meticulously painting a customer’s mailbox when a neighbor asked me about painting his house,” says Dan. “He worked for someone who owned several industrial buildings and recommended me for painting those. I never turn down a job. You never know who’s watching or where things will lead.”

That’s good advice that has guided Painting Solutions to where it is today.

Dan is involved in every job, making sure things are always running smoothly. Painting Solutions’ painters pride themselves on their preparation and cleanliness.

“We protect everything in your home like it was our own,” says Dan.

“We move furniture and cover floors completely with taped edges, plastic and canvas. We do our best to keep the site as clean as possible—whether we’re indoors or out. Most everything we use on the job leaves with us at the end of the day so your lives are disturbed as little as possible.”

Dan says for outdoor painting jobs, they’ll even fluff your mulch before they go. The goal is to leave behind no evidence they were ever there—except for your home’s spectacular transformation. Often homeowners will say they passed up their own house because they didn’t recognize it.

“That’s what I like to hear. Some homes and jobs present challenges, but we love that,” says Dan.

“One house was on a golf course so the guys wore helmets because of stray golf balls. As I said, I won’t turn down a job. We do what it takes to get the job done right.”

For more information, call Painting Solutions at 440-342-4552, email contact@paintingsolutionsohio.com or visit PaintingSolutionsOhio.com.

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