Dispelling yoga myths

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Vivify offers yoga for every body.

By Patricia Nugent

The word yoga in Sanskrit means “union,” signifying the synching of mind to body through movement, breathwork and meditation. Each yoga studio offers its own take on the practice.

At Vivify Wellness at Avenues, the focus is on smaller, semi-private and private classes with a more personalized experience and guidance, where the teacher can assist people with the appropriate form designed for their individual needs.

According to yoga instructor Kelly Allen, their classes, which take place in a healing salt room, help improve flexibility, muscle strength and balance for all people.

“You don’t have to be flexible or at peak fitness to do yoga. It’s actually one of the few physical activities that encompasses all fitness levels and abilities,” she explains. “There are also lots of modifications to poses to accommodate anyone. Essentially, anyone can benefit from yoga. There are no rules, no expectations and no judgments.”

Another misconception is that yoga is just a means of exercise. She notes that although it does burn calories and tone muscle, yoga offers much more than that.

“Focusing on breath while moving through the poses engages the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces stress,” she says.

Classes range from Yoga for Every Body to Slow Flow, Power Yoga and Vinyasa. Private sessions are also available.

Vivify is also one of the few studios in Ohio to offer Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, which takes the yoga experience to the next level by combining several modalities, such as aromatherapy, mindful movement, restorative poses, breathwork and reiki.

In addition to yoga, Vivify offers acupuncture, massage, infrared sauna, a salt room, reiki and NeurOptimal brain training.

Vivify Wellness at Avenues is located within Ghent Square at 843 N. Cleveland-Massillon Road in Fairlawn. Call 330-576-4144, or visit VivifyWellnessatAvenues.com for more information.