Do you feel good about your healthcare coverage?

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Scott McEvoy, a licensed insurance agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, works to match people with the healthcare plan that best meets their needs. Now is the time to schedule your free review. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

My goal is to make people comfortable with the process,” says Scott McEvoy, a licensed insurance agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. “Understanding your healthcare options can mean the difference between saving money or paying too much. And having health insurance can mean the difference between more easily navigating a challenging medical event and suffering financially because of it.”

Right now, open enrollment for Affordable Care Act plans is happening, and it runs until Tuesday, December 15. Despite the politicians arguing about it during last month’s debate, the law requiring healthcare coverage is still the law. What won’t happen, Scott says, is a penalty for not enrolling.

“There is no penalty,” he says. “That’s been eliminated. But by choosing not to have coverage you become personally liable for any healthcare-related debt you incur caused by a health issue, whether it’s a couple of stitches all the way up to a transplant.”

Scott says the two things people are most concerned about when it comes to healthcare are accessibility and affordability. Because he spends the bulk of his time outside of client reviews immersing himself in all things health insurance, he’s uniquely qualified to help you access both.

“HealthMarkets is unique in that we don’t provide access to just one solution,” Scott explains. “We have access to dozens of different carriers, including the big names here in Northeast Ohio. So, whether you go with an ACA plan or not, I can help to match you with a plan that best fits your needs and budget.”

To ACA or Not to ACA
It makes sense for people with major preexisting conditions to take advantage of an ACA plan. Others to whom maternity care, substance abuse support and mental health support are important may also wish to stay with an ACA plan.

If you’re enjoying government subsidies to offset the cost of your premium, it also may make sense to stay with an ACA plan. Many people qualify for subsidies, so if you aren’t already getting this benefit, Scott can make sure you do.

But if none of the above applies to you, Scott says he has access to options that may make better financial sense, while also providing you with the coverage you need. Some of the solutions you may not be aware of include things like term health insurance, short-term medical, sharing ministry programs and indemnity plans.

“Understanding the complexities of healthcare coverage is what I train for year-round,” Scott says. “I can simplify the jargon so you can make an informed decision about which option is the best fit for you, your lifestyle, and your budget, saving you time and often money.”

Because incomes and personal circumstances vary so significantly from person to person, a free review is the best way to be sure you’re enrolled in the coverage that will meet your needs in the coming year.

Supplemental Insurance
Whether you’re covered by an employer, you choose an ACA plan, or you elect coverage outside of the ACA, you may have gaps where your deductible ends and insurance kicks in. Scott can help to match you with a plan that fills in that space. “Deductibles can take a chunk out of a family budget quickly,” he notes. “We have solutions to help prevent that.”

He can also help you to access dental, vision and life insurance products.

“Give me a call to schedule your personal appointment. As always, there is no charge for my guidance,” Scott invites.

HealthMarkets is located at 9951 Vista Way, in Garfield Heights. Hours are by appointment. To schedule a time to meet with a licensed insurance agent, call 216-815-1850.

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