Docere Medical Spa & Laser Center is gearing up to offer even more breakthrough beauty services

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The Docere Medical Spa and Laser Center team. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Over the past 10 years, Docere Medical Spa & Laser Center in Strongsville has pioneered the latest breakthrough non-surgical esthetic treatments.

Throughout the month of August, they are blowing out the anniversary candles by offering unheard of deals on services—up to 25 percent off CoolSculpting and 20 percent off laser packages and Ultherapy—as well as throwing an open house on Saturday, August 17, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m..

“We like to stay at the forefront of emerging science,” says owner Lori Leonard.

“Over the years, we’ve amassed an arsenal of technology and tools that work together for the best outcome, helping patients look younger and feel better. We also feel that the expertise of the physicians and clinicians operating the equipment is just as important, so we send them all over the country for ongoing training and certifications. It’s truly a privilege to work with the physicians and clinical technicians here and their professionalism and dedication to our clients.”

A Look Back
“When I bought the practice in August of 2009, I couldn’t have imagined how far we’d come,” recalls Lori.

“At the time, I had just left a corporate job I’d held for 30 years at a Fortune 100 company to help my husband, Joel, recuperate from a massive stroke.”

Joel’s doctor was Dr. Jeffrey Viscomi, now medical director of Docere. When Lori saw the opportunity to use her business background within a practice aimed at helping others improve themselves through minimally invasive services, she jumped in.

It All Begins with the Consultation
Skin Care Manager Dawn Fischer sits down with patients for a 30-minute initial consultation to find out what bothers them most about their face or skin.

“I validate what they are seeing and feeling, and together we come up with a plan that prioritizes improving areas they are unhappy about,” she says.

“Communication is key. Our goal is to explain each treatment in full so patients’ expectations are completely realistic. Everyone has a unique, customized plan to achieve their goals.”

Revealing Younger-Looking Skin
The lineup of lasers at Docere, each designed to address a specific skin issue, is always changing. The newest Lumenis M22 laser reduces fine lines and wrinkles, resurfaces skin, and reduces redness and sun damage with no downtime and very little discomfort.

“The laser joins several others, including IPL and Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing,” says Lori.

As early as three weeks after your CoolSculpting procedure, you can expect to see a noticeable difference with continued improvement over the next several weeks.

Going beyond improving skin’s appearance, the techs at Docere were also among the first in Cleveland to introduce Ultherapy to firm and lift the skin on the face and neck. This FDA-approved ultrasound procedure deep-heats the connective tissues that line the facial muscles to stimulate them to produce more collagen.

Lastly, the fine art of injectables is practiced here. Dr. Ray Seballos has a talent for relaxing muscles to soften wrinkles, such as forehead lines and crow’s feet around the eyes and lines around the mouth, as well as adding volume through dermal fillers to smooth deeper wrinkles.

Body by Docere
Body sculpting completes the arena of esthetic improvement techniques.

One of the most effective treatments to come along over the past decade is CoolSculpting, and to date Docere has performed over 1,000 treatments. By super freezing areas of the body, it targets and eliminates fat deposits.

And to smooth away cellulite, the new Cellfina treatment gets rid of dimpling on the buttocks and thighs by cutting and releasing the fibrous bands that cause fat deposits to pucker.

One of the first to bring CoolSculpting to the Cleveland area, Docere is also a VIP center that performs a high volume of services. And because of that status, they have been selected as one of only 100 places in the country to introduce the company’s newest treatment, coming this fall, called CoolTone.

Healthy Living Program
“Our body sculpting services are most effective on the slightly to moderately overweight person,” says Lori.

“If someone has a great deal of weight to lose, we’re here for them, too. Our Healthy Living Program teams them with a dietician and a personal trainer to help them lose weight if needed before undergoing our services.”

Docere Medical Spa & Laser Center is located at 10633 Pearl Road, in Strongsville. Call 440-238-3331, or visit for more information.