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How your prescription can save you $729

For several months now, I’ve been sharing some of our clients’ experiences of a happier, healthier life due to their hot tub. Our family would like you to feel better, too, so for once in your life having your medical condition is actually going to save you money. Here’s how: Bring in a prescription medicine bottle...

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Hot tub relief for cerebral palsy

Daniel Spivak was born with cerebral palsy. Now 48 years old, the Madison, Ohio, resident makes the most out of each day with help from his hot tub. “I use my hot tub every evening,” says Daniel, who has significant difficulty speaking. “It gives me pain relief, flexibility and it helps loosen the tightness in my muscles.” In...

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Hot tub eases muscle spasms

Doylestown’s Vincent Hall was living in Columbus in 2010 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor—and the treatment did not go well. “There were complications,” he explains, “including my body’s reaction to the radiation therapy. It killed part of my brain.” As a result, Vincent lost all movement on the left side of his...

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Many clients use a hot tub daily

One of the most common activities our hot tub clients engage in is a morning soak to start the day. Take Ed Unaitis, for example. He doesn’t just enjoy his hot tub occasionally; he gets in it every morning. “The first thing I do each and every morning is roll out of bed, put on my swimming trunks and get in the hot tub,” says the...

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Hot tub to reduce neck pain

When Pam Kovalchik of Akron came to The Place three years ago in search of a hot tub, she was interested in one that was both fun and therapeutic. Last week I spoke with her about her experience. “My husband and I both have arthritis in our neck and I also have it in my back,” Pam said. “We were looking for a hot tub that would be...

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