Firefly Travels helps you plan the vacation of a lifetime

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Kristen Keeney and the staff at Firefly Travels handle all of the details pertaining to your Disney trip that you may not have thought about—or even knew existed.

By Mary Malik

Kristen Keeney, owner of Firefly Travels in Chardon, started her business to introduce clients to the thrills of a Disney vacation. She also had another goal. Kristen wanted to help some very deserving families, who may have thought Disney wasn’t an option for them, experience this trip of a lifetime.

“Many families feel a vacation isn’t possible due to their circumstances, financial hardship or the special needs of a family member,” says Kristen. “When I started this business, one of my goals was to give back to the community and make dreams come true for everyday people when they least expect it.”

Kristen specializes in Disney destinations, Universal theme parks, Cruise vacations and All-Inclusive Resorts. Disney is unmatched when it comes to accommodating guests—no matter what their specific needs may be.

Her Disney expertise allows her to customize vacations to a family’s specific needs.

“People often think using a travel agent will cost money,” says Kristen. “But this is a complimentary service. I can actually save you money by staying on top of promotions and rebooking flights or hotels if rates drop.”

Kristen Keeney, owner of Firefly Travels in Chardon

Kristen and her staff not only take care of the basics, like flights, car rentals, hotel and restaurant reservations, they are also a wealth of knowledge about everything Disney.

This month, Firefly Travels is sending the family of Brandon Johnson to Disney. Brandon is 24 years old and was born with spinal muscular atrophy type 1, a genetic neuromuscular disorder. Brandon needs 24-hour home care and is confined to a wheelchair. His passions include film history, superheroes and exploring other cultures. Brandon’s dream is to travel, but his medical needs have always presented a challenge—until now.

“I came across Brandon’s story on Facebook and it touched my heart,” says Kristen. “I contacted his mom, Ronna, and offered to send her and Brandon, his best friend and another family member to Disney.”

Once Brandon and his family got over the shock of Kristen’s offer, they all went into planning mode.

“I focused on Brandon’s passions for superheroes, Star Wars and his dream to go to Japan,” says Kristen. “A Disney vacation can certainly address all of these interests with restaurants and fabulous attractions, but it was Brandon’s medical needs that the family was concerned about.”

Because part of its focus is on helping families with special needs enjoy their time away from home, and give back, Firefly Travels gifted Brandon Johnson and his crew with a trip to Disney

Kristen’s expertise in all things Disney allowed her to know exactly who to contact and how to make sure Brandon’s accommodations would fulfill all of his needs on the trip.

“Disney has a Disability Services department dedicated to customers like Brandon,” says Kristen. “I worked closely with them so that Brandon will have all of his medical needs met, and he and his family can relax and enjoy the experience together.”

Once Brandon arrives at Disney his room will have been customized for his stay with a hospital bed and other necessary medical equipment so that he is comfortable and has everything he may need during his vacation.

Kristen and her staff make themselves available to their clients, so when they are on their vacation and something comes up, Firefly Travels is there to help.

“Any successful vacation takes planning,” says Kristen. “But when special needs are involved, it’s even more important to find a place to cater to those needs. Disney resorts are just the place and Firefly Travels couldn’t be happier to offer this special experience to Brandon and his family.”

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