For several years, Home Appliance Sales and Service has been introducing exciting new technologies

As laundry rooms grow in size and ways to use them, so too do laundry appliances grow in style and functionality. Behold the LG Sidekick washer built for smaller, more frequent loads.

By Bill Yurgen

Major appliance manufacturers have had to adapt to an evolving economy and a frequently fickle consumer. In doing so, their products are becoming a part of our families—with lots of innovations that improve our lives.

According to the appliance experts at Home Appliance Sales and Service, here are the newest innovations that are winning consumers over.

The Connected Appliance
For several years, major appliance brands have been introducing exciting new technologies, says Dan Edwards of Home Appliance Sales and Service.

“This year these technologies have been integrated with our personal devices to make us more efficient, saving us time and allowing the appliance to be an integral part of our day,” he says.

“You can now schedule hot water for coffee with a Keurig K-cup brewing system built into certain GE refrigerators, or preheat your oven using voice control and Geneva.”

I asked Dan if there is an oven that will preheat with remote instructions. I’m thinking about how useful it will be to check the heating instructions on my heat-n-eat selection while at the grocery store, or my frozen pizza for that matter, and then use an app on my phone to preheat my oven so it is ready when I walk in the door.

“Yes, there is a model or two that will allow you to do that,” he says.

You can also have the image of the person at your front door displayed on your refrigerator and get notified when your laundry is done or if a refrigerator door has been left open. If you have a smartphone, an Amazon Echo device or a Google Home device, you can control your appliances along with the other devices in your home.

Furniture-Like Appliances
According to Tracy Kelling, who manages Home Appliance’s Lodi store,

“Consumers more and more are buying or remodeling homes with an open floor plan. That means the kitchen has become a public room. Appliance manufacturers are all over this trend and recognize their products must be fashionable. Look for more black and dark stainless appliances that mix well with the today’s very popular white and grey kitchen cabinetry. Regular stainless steel is just as popular as ever and we see no end in sight for its appeal,” she says.

Smudge-Free Surfaces
Many manufacturers are now offering surfaces that don’t show fingerprints or smudges on both dark and regular stainless appliances. Some even have scratch-resistant dark surfaces so your kitchen always looks beautiful.

Laundry or Family Room?
Today’s new home floor plans are featuring enlarged laundry rooms. Many people—especially empty nesters—are remodeling to make their laundry rooms larger for a wide range of uses.

Everything from merely some extra room for a vertical freezer that’s convenient to the kitchen, to adding an additional space for crafts or potting plants to a pet bath and grooming center are all trends that are bringing more people into the laundry room. That means those consumers are demanding washers and dryers that are tech- and fashion-forward. Look for appealing new colors and designs as well as appliances designed for today’s hi-tech, athletic-wear fabrics.

A welcome new appliance addition to any laundry is LG’s Styler. If there’s one thing people dislike more than expensive dry cleaning bills, it’s the drudgery of ironing. The Styler works with an app on your Android phone to steam and refresh your clothing to its best wrinkle-free appearance.

When to Buy
Fall is an ideal time to buy. There are lots of sales and promotions happening throughout the season, culminating on Black November which begins Wednesday, October 31. Consider consulting with the experts at Home Appliance Sales and Service soon. They’ll help you select the perfect appliance at the right price.

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