Forever your WiFi

Sean Proper Access Low

By Sean O’Brien, Founder of Proper Access

While it’s great to have the latest and greatest tech gadgets, upgrading can be a pain. Just when you finished paying off your last iPhone, the newest version drops—and the upgrade cycle starts all over again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy something tech-related and have it last for years…and years? At Proper Access, we specialize in offering not only the fastest and most secure WiFi system available anywhere, we also promise it’s going to be the only system you need for decades to come.

Today, virtually everything we purchase, from coffeemakers to tooth brushes, connects to WiFi. If you don’t have the performance you need today, tomorrow and into the future, as you continue to transition to all things “smart,” you’re going to continually need to upgrade your WiFi system to handle the demand.

A Proper Access system can handle up to 500 gadgets, like Smart TVs and other WiFi devices, without sacrificing performance. It’s totally hack-proof, it’s 100 times faster than anything else available anywhere, there are no dead zones, and doesn’t need to be continually upgraded. So, as you gear up for back-to-school and then Christmas shopping, consider installing the only WiFi system you’ll never need to replace.

To learn more about how you can have the Proper Access Forever WiFi hack-proof system installed in your home, text “Forever WiFi” to our Site Specialist Matt, at 330-618-7756, or email him at to reserve your spot on our schedule. But hurry, the demand for this new technology is unprecedented.

Proper Access is located at 8584 Washington Street in Chagrin Falls. The website is