Injury prevention with physical therapy

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The physical therapists at MyoFit Clinic not only help you avoid surgery after injury but also use preventative medicine to help you avoid injury altogether by evaluating your muscles, joints, BMI, cardiovascular and nervous system for potential red flags that could contribute to a future injury. Pictured above: Jason Franz, PTA, works to help improve a patient’s balance and strength. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Dr. Adam Cramer, PT, DPT; MyoFit Clinic

Ever wondered if your body was operating well enough to avoid injury? With age and everyday wear and tear, we all notice a few a few aches and pains over the years.

But those don’t have to be long-term. The earlier even the smallest of issues is recognized and addressed, the better off you are in the long run.

The doctors of physical therapy at MyoFit physical therapy clinics have just introduced a Preventive Maintenance Checkup.

“Just like you go to the dentist every six months for a preventive visit, you should care for your body’s overall performance, too,” says Adam Miller, PT, DPT. “Especially with so many people working from home now, we’re seeing more and more issues that can arise from inactivity. Your body was built to move. Making sure it’s operating at peak performance can reduce the likelihood of injury, debilitation or declining health.”

Since the therapists at MyoFit have each received their doctorate of physical therapy, with three additional years of medical training after a four-year college degree, we are more than capable of screening you for musculoskeletal issues and suggesting steps to achieve your optimum health.

How it Works
During your Preventative Maintenance Checkup:

• We will weigh you and estimate your BMI (body mass index);
• Your blood pressure will be taken;
• You’ll get a stress test to check your cardio health;
• You’ll perform a strength, flexibility and balance assessment and compare the results to the suggested norms for your age and gender.

“From this data, we are able to pinpoint where strengths and weaknesses occur in the body,” Dr. Miller says. “At the end of the visit, we come up with a wellness plan and give it to the patient. It will include steps they can take to improve their movement, functionality and overall wellness.”

Following the initial visit, our patients return a week or two afterward to discuss how they have been doing with the “homework” we prescribed to them. At that point, we might modify the program based on the person’s progress.

Who are Candidates for Checkups?
“Our Preventative Maintenance Checkup is perfect for someone who is motivated to age well and stay productive,” he says.

It’s a nice fit for someone who has noticed they aren’t able to enjoy the physical activities they used to. Dr. Miller says one of his recent patients came to him after he was experiencing back pain while playing pickleball.

“During the exam, we found a weakness in his hip muscle and glute muscle that was affecting his ability to push off quickly from his legs,” he says. “This caused the back to overcompensate for the movement and become strained. We gave him several exercises to strengthen those muscles. Now he’s back playing pickleball without the pain.”

Direct Access for Physical Therapy
Since laws in Ohio allow direct access to physical therapy, you don’t have to go through your primary care physician. Just call MyoFit for an appointment.

“It’s natural for the musculoskeletal system to degrade with age,” he says. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a good look at a person’s capabilities and mitigate that to become even stronger so they can continue doing the things they love to do.”

Dr. Adam Miller, PT, DPT, is the head physical therapist at the MyoFit Clinic’s founded by Adam M. Cramer, PT, DPT, located in Ashtabula, Chardon and Middlefield. Physical therapy and preventive checkups are covered by most insurances. Telehealth e-visits are also available. Visit to find out more. The Chardon Clinic phone number is 440-286-1007.