Green and serene Knollwood Cemetery

Knollwood Cemetery

By Patricia Nugent

Caring for more than 100 rolling acres dotted with exquisite trees and thousands of grave markers is a full-time job and then some.

Just ask Mike Waldron and Seth Thomas, of Knollwood Cemetery in Mayfield Heights. They oversee the massive effort to keep the park-like setting pristine.

Each year they start mowing grass on April 15 and continue to do so through mid-November.

Trees need to be trimmed consistently, grave markers need to be set and checked regularly to make sure they are secure, and burials of all types must be performed smoothly and on schedule. Mike and Seth coordinate all phases of the daily work to be done, summer, spring, winter and fall.

Why is there such an emphasis on daily upkeep here?

“If the cemetery doesn’t put its best face on at all times, families might be turned off and seek better maintained parks elsewhere,” says Forest Reichert, who has been president of the cemetery’s association for the past 30 years.

Mike Waldron

Working with Mike and Seth is a well-trained crew of seven field personnel who are fellow stewards of Knollwood.

“We are a personal attention company committed to making our facility appealing to the eye and compatible with Mother Nature,” says Forest. “We only use non-toxic chemicals and fertilizers to maintain the property, and make every effort to be a good neighbor to the Mayfield Heights community.”

Seth Thomas

He invites anyone to visit on a nice summer day, enjoy the verdant acres and explore the top-notch grounds and historic buildings and memorials of this leader of burial parks in Northeast Ohio.

Founded over a century ago, Knollwood Cemetery is located at 1678 SOM Center Road, in Mayfield Heights. Call 440-442-2800 or visit for details.