Guhde Flooring America can take your floors and more from now to WOW!

Guhde Fireplace2
Guhde Flooring America took this family room from dated to dazzling by reimagining the fireplace.

By Patricia Nugent

The desire to gather around a fire has been burning bright since cavemen circled a flame in communion 50,000 years ago.

This time of year—when the chilly weather signals us to cozy up around the fire—is the perfect season to get in touch with your inner caveman.

From super sleek to rustic chic, Guhde Flooring America has all the selections and creative team to refurbish and update your family’s hearth.

“We love tearing out old, outdated fireplaces and building new ones that amp up the ‘wow’ factor in any family room,” says Monica Guhde Rosa.

“The average home built in the 1960s and beyond will have a standard red or orange brick fireplace with a narrow oak mantle that is just begging to be brought into modern times.”

She says some of the most-asked-for styles they create are from stacked stone with either rough, textured edges or smooth, gleaming surfaces.

“People tend to go with several neutral colors within the same scheme, shades of grays or browns,” she says.

“Marble and granite, limestone, slate and travertine are finding their way into spectacular designs, and so are tiny tiles and glass tile accents in unexpected shapes to create a mosaic for visual appeal.”

Want to update your fireplace but with a more traditional feeling? No problem. She says they can spec intricate wood for pillars or side panels along with the tile or stone.

In terms of size, Monica reports going bigger than the existing fireplace is on trend.

She also says if the room calls for it, running stonework from floor to ceiling can add drama and visually expand the space.

With today’s open floor plans, you can see the fireplace from several rooms, so it needs to complement the cabinetry and design feeling in your other rooms.

“And fireplaces aren’t just for family rooms,” says Monica. “We have refurbished some gorgeous ones in bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens.”

To explore your possibilities, stop in the showroom and see the hundreds of fabulous samples of materials, as well as peruse their design catalogs. The design staff here includes absolute magicians who create showstopper spaces.

Guhde Flooring America is located at 1880 Mentor Avenue in Painesville Township. Call 440-639-1990, or visit for more information.