Guhde’s 2020 software brings possibilities to life with 3D shopping

Guhde Countertops
Guhde Flooring America offers 2020 software so you can see how different cabinetry and countertop selections will look in your home.

By Patricia Nugent

If you are among the 96 percent of Americans who do all of their holiday shopping online, by now you’ve probably already loaded up your sleigh of virtual carts with gifts for family and friends and clicked “checkout.”

So, now is the perfect time to enjoy an immersive shopping experience that’s all about you. Instead of staring at pixelated merchandise on a screen, why not head over to Guhde Flooring America, where you can explore all the possibilities for beautifying your home.

You can browse through life-sized room vignettes and peruse thousands of samples of flooring, cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, lighting and more. It’s like your own Pinterest page brought to life. And to see how the different selections would look in your home, the folks at Guhde offer three-dimensional 2020 software.

“We go out of our way to make the experience here enjoyable,” says Special Projects Manager Cait Rudolph. “People like to take their time, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and wander through the different areas of our store, including the kitchen and bath center.”

Reflected in the seven kitchen, office and vanity rooms, she explains, are elements of traditional to transitional design, rustic to modern.

“We encourage people to bring in pictures of rooms they love and we can recreate the look,” she says. “We can pinpoint a person’s style by seeing what they gravitate to in the showroom, whether it’s a hand-painted finish applied over our off-white, inset cabinetry, which would lend itself to traditional; or a floating vanity in a rich mocha color with chrome hardware that is quite modern.”

She says that contemporary style is always changing, and what’s on-trend right now is mixing elements of different styles, such as adding a rustic light fixture with a modern cabinet.

As with any shopping experience, your budget matters. And that’s the advantage of the huge selection of manufacturers available at Guhde. The knowledgeable staff can help guide people through the good-better-best of what’s on the market.

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