Here are some tips on how to buy appliances, courtesy of Home Appliance Sales & Service

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As a leader in appliance sales for all makes and models, Home Appliance Sales & Service services everything it sells. Here you’ll find appliances to fit every budget, including high-end.

By Bill Yurgen

The onset of fall means big money can be saved on major appliances, particularly around Black Friday.

So if you are a consumer with an appliance on life support, you will be rewarded with savings if you can coax it along just a little while longer. I was that customer last year, with a built-in double oven that suddenly died immediately after preparing its last big meal.

I got by with a microwave and my slow cooker while waiting for the Black Friday deals. And there were some good ones at Home Appliance Sales & Service, where I learned a few things about appliance shopping. As an independent dealer, the store benefits from early price reductions from the manufacturers. Home Appliance usually begins its significant mark-downs in early November. Last year, it’s fall/winter sale lasted the entire month.

When I began this saga, being the research geek that I am, I created multiple spreadsheets for things like features, review ratings and more. Here’s some of what I uncovered.

Tip #1 – Measure at Least Twice, Buy Once
I understand that this is one of the biggest errors in appliance shopping. My oven was a 30” built-in. Thirty inches is 30”, right? Wrong.

I looked at all sorts of possibilities only to find there were just a few options that would fit the cavity in my cabinet without major surgery either involving replacing the cabinet or doing a slip-shod adaptation. I wasted a load of research time but in the end purchased an oven I love from Home Appliance.

The Home Appliance team even sent someone out before ordering the unit to do their own measure to make sure the fit would be perfect once installed. It was. This tip applies to free-standing appliances as well, and don’t forget which way the doors need to swing open.

Tip #2 – Shop Like No One is Watching
Reviews are fine, but in the end the person who wrote the review is an entirely different person with a different lifestyle and experience than you. Their critical eye and their needs may be far different than yours.

Same thing for that neighbor who is always freely handing out unsolicited advice. My mother-in-law raved about the virtues of a side by side refrigerator, so that’s what my wife insisted on when we built our house 15 years ago. I love pizza. Pizza boxes don’t fit in side-by-sides. If your gourmet meals consist of more heat-and-eat than anything else, a chef-approved range is probably an overspend you don’t have to make.

Tip #3 – Minimize the Complexity
Features are important when they will be used. Otherwise, they are just checked boxes. Have the salesperson (you have to shop somewhere with an actual knowledgeable salesperson and not online for this one) explain how to operate the appliance to utilize the key features you are interested in.

Tip #4 – Would You Marry This Appliance?
You might as well. You’re going to be living with it every day. Make sure you understand how much energy it is expected to use, how noisy it is when operating, how frequently it may take a “repair vacation,” and make certain you understand the owner’s manual.

Tip #5 – Make a List of Must-Haves
Prioritize the features you need beginning with the basics. This will keep you on point when shopping and keep you away from that cool little number that’s loaded with features you may not need.

Tip #6 - Prepare for the Inevitable
Make sure you know what repair service your retailer will refer you to ahead of time. If they are distant, don’t keep an adequate parts inventory or the wait time is ridiculous, you may want to consider another brand (or better yet, another store).

Of course if you shop at Home Appliance you can forget tip six. Home Appliance Sales and Service delivers, installs and repairs everything it sells.

Home Appliance Sales and Service is located at 1997 Pearl Road in Brunswick. You may phone them at 330-225-5807. They are open seven days a week. Hours are 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday and Thursday; 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; Sunday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Their Lodi store is located at 110 Highland Drive. Phone 330-948-4663. Hours are 9-7 Monday and Thursday, 9-6 Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Saturday 9-3, Closed Sundays. Or visit them at