Here’s how Chagrin Home Improvements can kick your tired, worn-out deck up a notch and make it brim with endless potential

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Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, comes to the job with two full-time crew members. They are there from start to finish, and won’t leave your job until it’s done. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

Timing is everything. And, fortunately, you still have time to get your deck repaired, cleaned and stained before winter. Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, offers three main reasons why deck maintenance, maybe now more than ever before, is a critical piece of your home maintenance puzzle.

Increased Home Value

Building a deck onto your home is one of the top five improvements you can make to add value. And if you already have one, why not take care of it and keep it looking brand new for both resale value or, better yet, your own enjoyment.

Outdoor living spaces have always been popular for home sales, but real estate agents nationwide are reporting that the Covid-19 pandemic is spurring an even greater demand. Time spent outdoors is critical to both our physical and emotional health.

“A comfortable, clean and attractive deck provides a safe and healthy outdoor environment for your family,” says Joe. “I can make that happen at your home.”

Low Cost, Minimal Disruption

“Deck maintenance is one of the lowest cost investments you can make in your home, yet it provides one of the highest returns,” says Joe.

And Joe and his crew can achieve your like-new deck in a matter of just a few days, depending on its condition.

There’s still time to get on this year’s Chagrin Home Improvements maintenance schedule to enjoy your deck the remainder of the warm-weather season.

“It’s a very efficient process and usually a two- or three-day job unless the weather doesn’t cooperate,” says Joe. “We first make any minor repairs, like refastening loose floorboards, replacing rotted ones and sinking lifted nails. We then thoroughly clean and wash the deck before applying a transparent or solid stain.”

And Joe won’t disappear between steps. His crew members are local, full-time Chagrin Home Improvements professionals who take pride in their work.

It’s just me and our two-man crews doing the work,” says Joe. “I’ve known these guys my whole life. They are amazing at their jobs so people don’t have to worry about being home when the work is being done. From the quote all the way to the finished product, we never need to make contact with anyone in the home. We arrive on time and get to work. Everyone has their job to do, and they get it done efficiently and professionally.”

And Joe says with Chagrin Home Improvements doing the job, your deck should stay looking like new for two or three years.

High Visual Impact

There’s nothing worse than a peeling, rotting, neglected deck hanging off the back of an otherwise well-maintained home. The visual impact of a like-new, beautiful deck for your outdoor living and enjoyment simply can’t be beat. It’s a ‘bang for your buck’ that will provide years of enjoyment and extra space for your family.

“We can create a beautiful environment outdoors in very little time and at a low cost,” says Joe. “Deck maintenance is often a forgotten chore until warm weather hits and you head out the back door. Get on the schedule and let Chagrin Home Improvements ease your mind knowing that your deck is ready and waiting the next time you want to enjoy it with family and friends.”

There’s still time to get on the schedule for cleaning and staining.

For more information, call Joe Jacobs of Chagrin Home Improvements at 440-247-6700 or check the website