Here’s how Cleveland Nutrition can help you get your health back

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At Cleveland Nutrition, Dr. David Gutman (left)—shown here with patient John Retino (center) and health coach Betsy Letterly—prescribes the healing power of food. His evidence-based methods have helped patients reverse many chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory conditions. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

An ancient proverb states:
“When your diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When your diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

That’s the power of food.

At Cleveland Nutrition, Dr. David Gutman prescribes the healing power of plant-based nutrition. Since 2013, his evidence-based methods have helped patients recover from a wide spectrum of chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, asthma, migraines, skin conditions, and autoimmune diseases to name a few.

“I’ve been able to wean patients off of insulin in just a few days, as their diabetes simply goes away,” Dr. Gutman says. “Think about that. These patients have been sick for decades, but all that time they were only a few days or weeks away from being disease free.”

And the most remarkable aspect of these life-changing patient transformations is that Dr. Gutman personalizes his food recommendations to address each individual patient’s medical conditions, and personally provides daily online coaching with each patient to ensure they have the support they need to succeed and achieve the results they seek.

“The daily coaching by Dr. Gutman and Betsy is a game-changer,” says patient John Retino, who lost 225 pounds and no longer requires cholesterol or blood pressure medications.

“Where else can you get coaching from an actual medical doctor who gives you daily feedback and encouragement while making sure everything you’re doing is medically safe?”

That’s a key difference. An alumnus of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Dr. Gutman is a board-certified internal medicine doctor and a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, making him uniquely qualified to wean people off their medications in an appropriate manner.

“Sometimes medications need to be adjusted very quickly,” says Dr. Gutman. “The food plans I prescribe begin to work immediately, and medications become dangerous to take when they’re no longer needed.”

Total Health Transformation
“My program is geared toward people who are serious about transforming their health,” Dr. Gutman states. “They want to reclaim their lives and refuse to accept chronic disease or health conditions as a life sentence.”

The Cleveland Nutrition program can dramatically improve your health—fast. After your initial free consultation, Dr. Gutman will develop a personalized food plan just for you.

“I work with patients to construct a plan that works for them,” he says. “Not everyone is prepared to transform their diet to the degree they know they should. We can find a way to meet you where you are and help you change gradually, if needed.”

“Although this program produces dramatic results quickly, we recognize that it takes time for dietary changes to become a permanent part of your lifestyle,” Dr. Gutman says.

“That’s why we offer a tremendous amount of education and support during the four-month program. This is not a cookie-cutter franchise. I take a personal interest in your health and create a plan that’s just for you. And I’m here for you, every day, to help you through the peaks and valleys, offer feedback and provide encouragement.”

In addition to the daily online coaching, the program includes weekly or bi-weekly office visits with Betsy, the practice’s health coach, as well as monthly group support meetings with the doctor. Their website also offers a wealth of resources for patients, including a massive recipe collection, educational videos, exercise routines, patient blogs, and chat features.

“I can create a nutrition plan to help you fight cancer, lower cholesterol, address digestive problems and help you gain or lose weight,” Dr. Gutman adds. “That’s the power of food.”

To reach Dr. David Gutman of Cleveland Nutrition, call 216-328-8086. He has two office locations: 25200 Chagrin Blvd, Suite 109, in Beachwood; and 2660 W. Market Street, Suite 250, in Fairlawn. To learn more, visit