Here's how GK's Custom Polishing is bringing interior and exterior surfaces back to life

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The team of natural stone technicians at GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc.—— (L-R): Grant Alexander, president and Henry Meadows, operations manager——has a talent for restoring shine and luster to dull and dirty natural stone. Find out how they can transform your space. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Ken McEntee

One of the reasons granite, marble and other natural stones are so desirable is because they can make any space or surface look more beautiful and inviting, insists Grant K. Alexander, president and founder of GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc., in Avon.

“The challenge, however, is that natural stone surfaces are prone to becoming dull and discolored,” Grant says. “It occurs over time, so you probably won’t even notice it happening.”

That’s why Grant suggests having routine maintenance done on natural stone surfaces every three to five years. GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc., he says, specializes in bringing the luster back to natural stone, tile and grout and concrete surfaces. Established in 1994, GK’s is the go-to expert for:

Natural stone
• Marble floors – honing, polishing, grout replacement, epoxy fills
• Limestone/travertine floors
• Slate, terra cotta and Saltillo floors
• Granite/marble /quartz countertops – honing, polishing, cleaning, sealing
• Natural stone showers – cleaning, sealing, honing, polishing, grout and caulk replacement
• Exterior natural stone


Tile and grout

• Cleaning
• Grout replacement
• Epoxy color sealing
• Urethane coatings for tough-to-clean tiles
• Showers - cleaning, sealing, grout and caulk replacement

• Polished concrete
• Acid stained concrete
• Epoxy coatings
• Stamped concrete refinishing

“We clean and restore just about any hard surface inside and outside of your home with the exception of wood,” Grant explains. “We do any natural stone as well as exterior surfaces like concrete driveways, limestone and stamped concrete walkways and patios.”

GK’s Custom Polishing, Inc. has had a special knack for making things shine, ever since founder Grant K. Alexander started his own auto detailing service in his parents’ garage in 1994.

Few people would deny the beauty of a natural stone shower. And few who enjoy luxurious stone in their bathroom would deny the effort it takes to keep it properly maintained.

“Every shower is going to have soap scum buildup and most are going to be susceptible to mold and mildew,” Grant says. “And if you go three to five years without resealing your shower, you’ll start to notice that the stone is staying wet longer and it may actually start to erode. That’s why shower cleaning is one of our most popular services.”

GK’s highly trained technicians use world-class cleaning equipment and a revolutionary process to safely and gently restore clean, natural beauty to tile and grout.

GK is Grant K. Alexander, who started the business in 1994 as a part-time summer job and polished his way into a full-time profession. Along with hard surfaces, GK’s also details automobiles.



“The quality of work and our expertise on the surface materials we’re working on is where we shine,” Grant explains. “When customers are happy, they tell their friends. That’s why the company continues to grow after almost 26 years. Even though our number of customers keeps increasing, we continue to do the same high-quality work. That’s how we got our reputation. We are always seeking 100% satisfaction.”

“Scheduling an estimate can be done either electronically or in person, whatever is easiest for our customer,” Grant says.

GK’s is extremely knowledgeable and can assist its customers with the best route for their particular project. GK’s provides each customer with a maintenance booklet once the work is finished.

To schedule a consultation, you can call the GK’s team, at 440-937-4457 or email at You can get more information about hard surface cleaning and auto detailing by visiting:

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