Here’s how Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling can maximize your inside spaces

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Impact created an attractive yet useful cubby to add additional space.

By Laura Briedis

Though often the smallest room in your house, your bathroom can be a sanctuary—a place to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

It usually is the first and last place you go every day, so it helps set the tone for the day, and helps you ease into a restful night of sleep.

“Our goal is to turn your master bathroom into a room with a calming spa vibe, regardless of the size,” says Joe Chiera, who, along with his wife, Kristen, owns Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling. “We help homeowners incorporate timeless design features in bathrooms that they will love for years to come.”

“A lot of our design inspiration comes from our travels to luxury hotels and spas around the world,” he notes. “Our objective is to create that same relaxing, therapeutic experience for homeowners and make them feel like they are on vacation every day.”

Pictured here are some of the company’s recent remodeling projects that showcase timeless design features that can make the biggest impact in a bathroom.

Neutral tile provides the perfect canvas to add a punch of color with cabinetry. Impact can create a timeless bathroom like this one in your home.

Neutral tile color. Classic colors such as white, gray, brown and beige never go out of style and offer the perfect backdrop. Add a pop of color—especially blue, which calms and relaxes—in the cabinets and accessories.

A freestanding tub can be the center of attention in your bathroom. Impact’s designer touches like this one add a punch of wow.

Freestanding tub.
Inspired by the elegance of the 18th century clawfoot tub, elevate your bathroom with an updated freestanding tub that has sleeker lines. A modern twist to a jetted Jacuzzi, these new tubs have tiny pinholes that you can barely see but create intense bubbles.

Floor-to-ceiling tile. Extend the tile all the way to the ceiling for a light and lofty feel. You can even tile the ceiling if you want to make your bathroom into a steam room.

Here, Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling extended tile up to the ceiling to give this room more of a spa-like vibe.

Walk-in showers with bench. Integrate seating into your shower to provide a footrest for leg-shaving, a perch to relax underneath the water sprays, or accessibility for seniors.

For practical purposes, Impact added a bench to this shower. Sit and steam to your heart’s content.

Intricate tile work with built-ins. Cubbies not only provide a shelf to store soaps and shampoos, but also a place to add accents and show off creative, intricate tile patterns.

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