Here’s how Kiko Company can help you get your property sold, your way

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Kiko Company offers real estate sellers the option to choose either a traditional selling format or an auction-based format. A four-person team—(L to R) CEO and broker Dick Kiko, auctioneers/Realtors Eric Bevington, Ashley Ritchey and Brooks Ames—focuses on the Medina, Wadsworth and West Akron areas.

By Beth Newcomb

When it comes time to sell your home, you want to sell it for the highest price while controlling the sale date and terms. That may sound like having your cake and eating it, too, but that’s exactly what the auction method can do.

“It’s a common myth that homes sold through auction are available only because the owner either passed away or went bankrupt,” says Dick Kiko, CEO and broker at Kiko Company, an auction and real estate firm that’s been serving clients in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania for 75 years.

“But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, less than two percent of our auctions are foreclosures or bankruptcies. Instead, our real estate sellers are people who want the power to decide how and when their properties move through the market. We give them that.”

“Last year, we sold more than $140 million in real estate, and over $20 million in personal property, including a multi-million-dollar property that sold at auction,” Dick adds.

“Auctions are an excellent option for selling real estate, land, and commercial properties.”

With Kiko, sellers choose the specific date and time their property will be sold in a public forum, which creates a fair and open transaction. Auctions offer an accelerated form of marketing that attracts anyone interested in purchasing a specific property on a stated date and drives competitive bidding that draws value for sellers.

Auction sales are also perfect for families living out of state with mom or dad’s home to sell, and for people who want to liquidate their personal property holdings so they can quickly move on to the next phase of their lives. And while Kiko conducts about 1,000 auctions each year, they also sell real estate the traditional way.

“We’re a full-service brokerage with the advantage of being able to offer our clients a choice,” Dick says.

“Sellers can choose to list and sell their home through us the traditional way, or opt for the auction format. We also offer online selling and buyer representation. Our focus as asset advisors means we arm our clients with everything they need to make an informed decision about what’s best for them and their families.”

Dick says that just as many of the company’s real estate listings are for high-end properties as they are for more modest homes. “People get relocated and have to move quickly,” he said. “We can help them transition out of the area with ease.”

Whether an auction or traditional listing, Kiko meets with sellers to help determine the best way to meet their goals.

“We pull the comps and give a realistic baseline for the price you can expect to get for your home,” he says. “Our exclusive database of bidders that spans the last 75 years is invaluable. They also like to buy property the traditional way.”

Kiko boasts 62 licensed auctioneers and Realtors. A four-person team that includes Dick Kiko, Brooks Ames, Eric Bevington and Ashley Ritchey, focuses on the Medina, Wadsworth and West Akron markets. Their specialties include high-end real estate, recreational and agricultural property, vacant land, and commercial, industrial and income-producing businesses. They also sell high-end collectibles like classic cars, firearms, antiques and coins.

“We work collaboratively with you to present all of the options to get your property sold, then give you the power to decide how it gets done,” he said.

In addition to on-site auctions, Kiko offers simulcast auctions, which allow buyers out of the area to purchase real estate. Kiko’s website pulls one million page views every month, and the company has a loyal Facebook following.

“We feel our role is to provide the best guidance to our sellers,” Dick says. “Selling your property is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Having every available option to do so at your fingertips is key.”

Kiko Company is a full-service auction and real estate company serving Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. You can contact the Medina team by calling 330-495-3474 or emailing The web address is