Here’s why Amy Hoes is a leader of the real estate industry pack

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When it comes to buying or selling your home, there’s the other way, and then there’s Howard Hanna real estate agent Amy Hoes’ way. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Although not many people would consider the number 13 lucky, Howard Hanna Real Estate Agent Amy Hoes is feeling downright blessed, as she’s celebrating her 13th year in the industry.

“I’ve loyally stayed with Howard Hanna during my career for several reasons,” she says.

“First of all, I wanted to go with the biggest player in terms of market share. Also, Howard Hanna brokerage website traffic is significantly higher than other brokers in the area. It’s important to me to expose homes I’m selling to the biggest possible number of potential buyers.”

She says Howard Hanna is a family-owned and operated organization, which means a lot to her.

“There’s always been trust and honesty, and I feel fortunate to have worked for this company for so many years,” she says.

And with the numbers Amy and her team are putting up, Howard Hanna should feel fortunate, too.

Last year they sold 104 homes, which places their team in the top ½ percent nationwide, according to Real Trends.

Over the last three years, the average number of days a house sat on the market in Medina was 62, while Amy Hoes’ listings were only on the market for about half that time, at 35 days.

Amy Hoes and her team were the first to offer FAA-authorized drone photography in this area. And to put people directly in your home for a pre-tour, they’ve also added 3-D virtual home tours to all of their sellers.

Also in that time period, the average home sold for 97.7 percent of what it was on the market for, and Amy’s homes garnered 99.04 percent of the list. (Though that might seem like a small percentage change, it actually translates to thousands of dollars when the sale is completed.)

“I attribute our success to always going the extra mile for our clients in terms of offering the latest technology,” she says. “For instance, we have invested heavily in camera equipment. We were the first to offer FAA-authorized drone photography in this area. And to put people directly in your home for a pre-tour, we’ve also added 3-D virtual home tours to all of our sellers, which is a game-changer. The camera goes room to room and provides a dollhouse view of the floorplan. It allows potential buyers to go back and spend time in each room.”

They realize that people today are shopping for homes online, and that’s why showing homes in their very best light matters so much.

Meet the Team
Howard Hanna’s Amy Hoes has carefully selected the members of her support team—which includes Nicole Schmalz, Ellen Chaney and Cathy Dress.

The Amy Hoes Team is proud to go the extra mile for their clients, from FAA-authorized drone photography to concise communication.

Howard Hanna’s Amy Hoes (top right) has carefully selected the members of her support team—which includes Nicole Schmalz (top left), Ellen Chaney (seated right) and Cathy Dress (seated left).

“I know there are several ‘mega’ teams out there, with lots and lots of agents, but I like to keep things a little smaller and more streamlined,” she says. “Our clients will never be shuffled around from agent to agent. We keep communication clear and simple, with one point of contact for a more stress-free experience.”

The ladies all hail from Medina, and Amy reports their strong local feel for the market is a real asset for people looking to move into or within the area.

“Treating every client with a personalized, VIP-level of customer service 24/7 is our goal,” she says.

Gazing Into the Market’s Crystal Ball
“Oftentimes when I’m out and about, people ask me if there’s an economic downturn headed our way, and if that will affect housing,” she says. “I explain that the market fundamentals are holding strong, and it does not appear likely that we are heading towards a similar situation that lead to the last downturn.”

One of the most significant factors currently in Medina County is that inventory is low, with very few homes for sale.

What does that mean to buyers? Probably a quick sale, especially if you are priced right and properly staged.

As Howard Hanna’s Amy Hoes celebrates 13 years in the real estate industry, she shows no sign of slowing down. Last year, Amy and her team sold 100 homes, which is about 20 percent above the year before in raw sales.

“It’s incredibly crazy right now,” says Amy. “In the past two months we have had offers on homes within hours of them going on the market. If anyone is wondering when is the best time to sell their home, believe me, it’s now.”

Community-Centric Giving
Amy and her husband, Kurt, have a vested interest in Medina’s schools and athletics, as their kids’ lives have revolved around them for many years. Daughter Atalie is a senior at Medina High School who is heading off to college in the fall; and son Bryan is an eighth grader who has played on Medina teams since he was four.

“For years, we’ve been sponsors of the Medina Athletic Boosters. Last year we were asked if we could step up and partner with the district on refurbishing the gym floor at Claggett Middle School, and we didn’t hesitate to say yes,” Amy smiles.

The family enjoys rooting for Cleveland sports teams, too, and is counting down the days until the Indians home opener.

Howard Hanna Amy Hoes’ office is located at 3565 Medina Road, in Medina. You can call or text Amy directly at 330-416-1597, email, or visit to find out more. Wondering what your home is worth? Just give Amy a call and she’ll pop over to discuss its potential.