Home Appliance Sales and Service has opened a new location in Brunswick for its expanded parts department

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Home Appliance Sales and Service keeps expanding.

By Bill Yurgen

Beth and Brian Grayson, owners of Home Appliance Sales and Service located in Brunswick and Lodi, take their New Year’s resolutions seriously. I recently ran into Beth, who is president of the company, and she shared her ambitious 2019 goals.

Bill: I understand that you have been crazy busy lately.
Beth: Busy, but in a good way. Our stores are doing really well and every department is growing. We feel very thankful for our loyal customers and employees for getting us to a place where we are being widely recognized for how well we treat our customers. We have always been customer driven, but it seems lately word has spread like wildfire.

I’ve also been working on our booth for the 2019 Great Big Home & Garden Show at the IX Center. We invite everyone to visit our booth, #1499, Friday-Sunday, February 1 -10, to see the latest in appliance technologies. It’s pretty amazing

Bill: I’ll bet it took a lot of hard work to get there.
Beth: It has—for all of us. I’m thrilled to tell you that we have opened a new distribution center to accommodate our ever-expanding needs.

Our parts department is also now located in this new facility, at 2968 Nationwide Parkway in Brunswick.

Bill: Will the parts department at your Lodi store be affected?
Beth: Not at all. Our Lodi area customers will find the same outstanding service.

Bill: It seems like you are positioning yourselves to better serve a growing clientele.
Beth: Exactly. The added warehouse space allows us to better stage customer orders while giving us more room for inventory. We’ve also moved our service and installation departments over there. It was one of our 2019 goals to have everything up and running at the new facility and happily we have done so already.

Bill: So that just leaves your retail sales at the Pearl Road store in Brunswick. What are you going to do with all of that space?
Beth: We are going to be converting it to even more retail floor space and featuring some really exciting vignettes that will offer our customers a better experience and enable them to learn more about new appliance technologies and our extensive selection of luxury brands, but it’s more of a 2020 thing.

Bill: So, what is the other goal for this year?
Beth: A state-of-the-art appliance showroom on Jaycox Road in Avon to serve our customers in the NW Cuyahoga and Lorain County areas. That will be opening mid-year.

Home Appliance Sales and Service is located at 1997 Pearl Road in Brunswick. You may phone them at 330-225-5807. Their Lodi store is located at 110 Highland Drive. Phone 330-948-4663. For hours and information, visit YourHomeAppliance.com.