Howard Hanna Realtor Amy Hoes takes on the Medina County real estate market and wins

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In 2017 alone, Realtor Amy Hoes, of Howard Hanna, sold 94 homes in Medina County. (Amy Hoes' headshot photograph courtesy of Jamie Anton)

By Patricia Nugent

“Big results require big ambitions.” — Heraclitus

In the world of real estate, results are measured in numbers. Hometown Realtor Amy Hoes has put up impressive numbers to match her titanic ambition throughout her decade-long career as a mega million-dollar producer for Howard Hanna.

Here are just a few stats:
• Amy sold 94 homes last year
• She outsold more than 99 percent of all Realtors in the country
• Her average listing in Medina County sold in half the time those listed by her competitors did (34 days for Amy’s listings, 69 days for the competition)
• Amy got a higher average sales price for her sellers.

Anyone who has ever met Amy will attest to her passion and tenacity, and that makes its way to the table when the offers start rolling in.

“I put my clients’ interest first and never settle for a ‘good deal,’” she says. “I will negotiate aggressively until I feel we’ve reached the very best deal for my clients. I never settle for less than that.”

Showings Lead to Offers, Offers Lead to Sales
For Amy, getting people through the door of a home for sale is about working as smart as she does hard. It begins and ends with innovative technology. Along with her pilot husband, Kurt, Amy is one of the few in Medina to offer FAA authorized drone photography for every listing.

“Compelling aerial photography offers a completely different view of a home and property to make it more attractive,” she says.

And the studies back her up. Real Estate Magazine reports that properties with accompanying aerial images are 68 percent more likely to sell than those without aerial images.

On the interior, she is a master at staging a home.

“I go as far as recommending paint colors for each room that will make it the most inviting to a potential buyer,” she says. “And though I’m not shy about telling homeowners things they must get rid of or change, I’m also sensitive to making changes that will make them more money in the end.”

Once her sign is in the yard and the home is open for walk-throughs, she and Kurt ramp up their online ad campaign with tech-driven marketing strategies.

“We literally bombard the most popular sites and social media with premium ads,” she says. “

Whether it’s Trulia, or Zillow, we put your home in front of more people than other Realtors. And since we utilize behavior-based geo-targeted marketing, if someone out there is looking for a home in Medina, they will be seeing our ad.”

A Mega-Talented Core Team
Over the past several years, Realtors have started to put into place huge teams of agents to support them, going as far as branding their team on splashy signage.

For Amy, keeping her team small and tight is the key to running a well-oiled machine her clients can depend on. Her two buyer specialists—Deena Doran and Nicole Schmalz—are truly experts in their own right.

“They work with more buyers than the average agents and are master negotiators, too,” says Amy.

“Between the two of them, they’ve been inside almost all of the homes available for sale in the market, giving them firsthand knowledge of how the homes compare to others in the market.”

Amy counts her family as part of her team as well. Along with Kurt and their impossibly adorable children—Bryan, age 12, and Atalie, age 15—the family supports local teams, including Bryan’s baseball team, and Medina High School, where Atalie is a cheerleader.

Amy Hoes’ Howard Hanna office is located at 3565 Medina Road, in Medina. You can call or text Amy directly at 330-416-1597, email, or visit to find out more. Wondering what your home is worth? Just visit and input your info. The site will generate a detailed report.