If you’re experiencing one or more weight-related symptoms, now is the time to contact HealthyOne Weight Loss

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By Mimi Vanderhaven

When Mimi was a child in the 1950s, she had a number of great-aunts in their fifties and sixties who seemed very old. They were overweight and wore long cotton dresses wrapped with a kitchen apron. They sported cat eye glasses and kept their grey hair up in a bun. They didn’t walk much except to take the laundry in and out from the clothesline, and when they hugged you, they smelled like bacon and pound cake.

Sadly, we lost most of them to heart disease, cancer or diabetes while they were still in their sixties.

But that was more than a half century ago. Today, many 50- and 60-year-olds are not like Mimi’s great-aunts. They’re young, active, attractive and have every reason to believe they’ll live well into their 80s and beyond. But these energetic quinquagenarians and sexagenarians typically have one thing in common: they stay active and they watch what they eat.

So, yes, 60 is the new 40—as long as you watch your BMI.

“Maintaining a healthy BMI is extremely important,” says Dr. Frank Dachtler, founder of HealthyOne Weight Loss. “Thirty-five-percent of the U.S. population is obese—that’s a BMI of 30 or higher. A BMI of just 35 indicates morbid obesity, especially if you’re experiencing weight-related conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. It is extremely dangerous today, just as it was for your great-aunts.”

Unfortunately, after weeks of staying confined to our homes, many of us have been eating and drinking more than usual and our weight has been creeping up.

“It’s a good idea to see the stay-at-home order as a wake-up call,” Dr. Dachtler says, “a time to make some fundamental lifestyle changes.”

At HealthyOne, weight loss isn’t just about looking good for a wedding; it’s about improving your overall health and the quality and longevity of your life.

“Weight gain can introduce a host of health problems, from sore joints related to inflammation to fatigue and sleeplessness,” explains Dr. Dachtler (see additional signs at the top of this page). “There is a mechanical change on the body, yes, but adding extra pounds is also a sign that something is seriously wrong with your metabolism and weight gain is the result. Metabolic issues can be related to a lack of activity, excess alcohol, diets rich in sugar and fats, and basic hormonal changes not necessarily due to age.”

One-on-one Attention
Under the HealthyOne Weight Loss program, Dr. Dachtler serves as a health coach who will help you alter your relationship with food. You’ll work directly with him to identify goals and develop a program based specifically on your lifestyle, body type and nutritional needs. To help you stay on track, you’ll text with him daily and meet with him once a week.

“We help our patients re-learn how to eat and to understand which food combinations are best for their body type,” says Dr. Dachtler.

In your first consultation with Dr. Dachtler, you’ll determine together whether you are a candidate for the HealthyOne Weight Loss plan. “I’m personally involved in your success so the number of people I can help is limited,” he says. Once you sign up, you and Dr. Dachtler will lay out an initial six-week program, involving what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. And there are no pre-packaged foods to buy. “Everything we recommend can be bought at your local grocery store,” Dr. Dachtler says. “If you cannot buy it at a grocery store, it’s unlikely to become a permanent lifestyle change.”

And because Dr. Dachtler is personally involved in your success—and his history of helping so many other patients—he offers a guarantee: you’ll lose 20 to 40 pounds in just six to eight weeks.


How Much Does It Cost?
The HealthyOne Weight Loss program is surprisingly affordable, but in reality, it can cost you nothing. “Most patients discover that what they save at the grocery store—and by not eating fast food—more than offsets the cost of the program,” Dr. Dachtler says. “Think about how much you spend on food each month. A lot of that cost goes right back into your pocket.”

No cost and a guaranteed results? That’s an offer not even a great-aunt like Mimi can turn down.

HealthyOne Weight Loss is located at 1100 W. Royalton Rd., in Broadview Heights. For more information about the program or to schedule a consultation, call 440-230-1113. Please visit HealthyOneWeightLoss.com to learn more.