Improve your financial game

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Learn from the pros.

By Mike Brady, Michael Brady & Co. Wealth Management

I’m sure that many of you took advantage of the beautiful fall weather to get in a round of golf this past weekend. It brings to mind the similarities between a successful round of golf and a successful long-term investing strategy.

A five-hour, 18-hole round of golf is a long time to play a game. So, too, is the long-term investment time horizon. Players who don’t keep a long-term perspective can get thrown off their game during a rough spell on any single hole. The pros know to keep a positive mental attitude throughout the entire game and not be distracted by the occasional errant hit.

Consistency is the key in both endeavors. Swinging big to clear the trees is rarely the appropriate route to success. Better to hit to the middle of the fairway even if it requires you to ease up on your swing and not hit the ball as far. Swinging for maximum distance sends the ball off course more often than not. This requires extra strokes, one for the lost or out-of-bounds ball and another for the correcting stroke, to get back on course. Not to mention the mental anguish of the off-course play.

Everyone loves the big hitter, but there are very few with the talent to play the power game consistently. Far better to play a controlled, middle-of-the-fairway game. That’s why they put the 150-yard markers where they are. They are your guideposts to the controlled, long-term game.

Golf, like investing, requires a coordination of body, mind and spirit. You need to be in condition to play the long-term game. You need to maintain a positive mental attitude in the midst of adverse conditions. And you need to keep playing even when you would rather not. For playing is the only way to win and the only way to get better is to play more.

Good golfers know that their knowledge of the course is limited. That’s why the pros have caddies. Good caddies can provide expertise about the course and professional guidance on the next swing. They can help to smooth out the emotional highs and lows of the game and provide positive mental energy to keep your game on course. So it is with investing. An experienced, fee-only Certified Financial Planner professional can provide guidance and counsel for your long-term game plan. We’ve helped hundreds of families improve their game. Let us help yours. 

Michael Brady is a fee-only, full-time fiduciary and certified financial planner. To set up an appointment, call 440-235-2100, email, or visit