Chagrin Home Improvements can transform your basement floor into a masterpiece of attractive durability in just one day

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Chagrin Home Improvements can put a durable floor coating down in just one day. The polyaspartic coating—available in hundreds of options—cures in minutes with almost no odor or VOCs. Making it a better option than epoxy in most cases. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

Fall weather is forcing us back indoors where the focus turns to inside projects. Thoughts of lawn and deck switch to paint and flooring. And, another thought, where will the kids play?

What if I told you Chagrin Home Improvements could turn that drab, cement basement floor into a stunning, durable and fashionable statement in just one day?

“We prepare your unfinished, concrete floor and use a polyaspartic coating process to transform it into decorative flooring with the design of your choice,” says Chagrin Home Improvements owner, Joe Jacobs. “This is something usually reserved for the garage floor, but our specially designed machinery can easily access your basement.”

Think mini basketball court or soccer field for the kids, or forget the kids and create the man cave of your dreams.

“Your options are unlimited,” says Joe. “The sophisticated look of granite, any design or logo, a shiny or more matte finish…whatever you want. And our industrial-grade products promote a coating that can last a lifetime.”

The possibilities are endless. But first, as with any type of coating for your walls or floors, preparation of the surface is the key to a successful and lasting outcome.

“Prep is everything,” says Joe. “If you don’t prep concrete the right way, your final product won’t last long and will chip and break down.”

That’s why Joe and his crew prepare the concrete floor with a diamond grinder. This process is comparable to sanding the concrete in order to make the surface porous so it can absorb the polyaspartic coating, a better, stronger, faster curing product than epoxy. Joe can do an epoxy base coat if that’s what you want, but it will need to dry overnight.

Joe Jacobs’ Chagrin Home Improvements specializes in basement floor transformations, so the largest room in the house can become the most usable. L-R: Joe, Billy and Colin.

“Most companies use an acid wash to prepare the surface, which creates moisture, the enemy of any surface,” says Joe. “An acid wash takes days to dry before any coating can be put down, and you’re never certain moisture didn’t seep in, causing future cracks. Diamond grinding is the best way to prepare your concrete.”

I know what you’re thinking. Dust. Joe has it covered.

“Our process is efficient and everyone on the crew has been extensively trained,” says Joe. “We remove everything in your basement first and store it in our trailer right in your driveway. We diamond grind the floor using a special dust containment extraction unit complete with a HEPA filter that sucks any dust from the room. The process is very residential friendly with virtually no dust or odors. At the end of the day, we replace your furniture and leave you to enjoy your new floor.”

The process begins by meeting with Joe to view samples and catalogs, choosing your color and design, then leaving it to the experts.

“At Chagrin Home Improvements, we can give you a beautiful basement floor in one day,” says Joe. “The polyaspartic coating cures in minutes with no odor or VOCs.”

Cleaning is a breeze, and anything you throw at it, your floor will wear like, well, concrete. So, if you’re thinking about transitioning the whole family from the outside to the inside this winter, think about moving down to the basement and letting Chagrin Home Improvements give you the coolest, kid-friendly, most durable floor in the neighborhood.

Chagrin Home Improvements is located at 300 Industrial Parkway, Suite C, in Chagrin Falls. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call Joe Jacobs at 440-247-6700 or check the website

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