Is your roof ready for winter?

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Roofsmith Restoration founder Mike Farist is passionate about excellence—from using the highest quality materials and offering a lifetime warranty, to recruiting top talent into the trades. But hurry, the ice storms are on their way. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mitch Allen

There are several signs that you may need a new roof, including damaged shingles, missing shingles and evidence of water leaking into your home. If you see these indications, don’t wait too long because the ice storms are coming.

“If a roof is damaged, a strong summer thunderstorm may be all you need to finally see a leak,” says Roofsmith Restoration founder Mike Farist.

“But winter storms can be just as treacherous. When all that ice and snow melts, the water can come right into your home. That’s why it’s important to act in the fall.”

If you’re worried about your new roof being expensive, don’t be. It may be covered by your insurance company.

Fighting For You
When Mike isn’t crawling around on rooftops inspecting shingles, you might find him on the phone arguing with an insurance adjuster or at the post office mailing another damaged shingle to another industry laboratory. When it comes to getting his clients’ new roofs covered by insurance, this man is relentless.

Mike and his team are also Haag-certified inspectors, which means they know precisely how wind, rain, hail and sunlight affect shingles—and insurance companies trust their judgment.

“They’re going to deny you,” he says. “Or they’re going to offer you $300 to replace a few shingles that don’t match the rest of your roof. It’s unconscionable. That won’t even cover your deductible.”

Mike and his team are also Haag-certified inspectors, which means they know precisely how wind, rain, hail and sunlight affect shingles—and insurance companies trust their judgment.

Also, remember the wind storm we had way back on February 24? It affected all of Northeast Ohio and has been officially declared a “catastrophe.” That means you should at least call Roofsmith to have your roof inspected.

“Northeast Ohio’s Best Roofer”
According to the independent research firm GuildQuality, which has surveyed every Roofsmith customer over the past six years, Mike’s company has a 94% referral rate—the best in the country. But let’s put that in perspective. In an industry where Roofing Magazine says 62% of homeowners would NOT recommend their roofer, 94% of Mike’s customers would.

“Roofing is a messy job,” Mike explains. “Five to six tons of debris are falling off your house. To maintain our reputation, we have to be meticulous. Most other roofers just aren’t. We won’t block your driveway and we won’t step on your prized azaleas.”

In addition, Roofsmith is a regular Angie’s List Super Service Award winner, including in 2016, 2017 and 2018, maintains an A+ BBB rating, and has twice been named Northeast Ohio’s Best Roofer. Plus, the company is an Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor, which means they can offer their customers an enviable lifetime warranty.

And because Roofsmith employees are salaried project managers instead of commissioned salespeople, you won’t feel pressure to “sign today.”

Continuous Improvement
Mike and his team recently attended the International Roofing Expo to stay current on industry trends, and this year he joined an elite national contractors network, spending two weeks in Baltimore to learn how to implement best practices.

One of Roofsmith Restoration’s recently finished homes by Project Manager Drew in Wadsworth, Ohio.

For example, instead of their job estimates reading “replace roof,” Mike’s customers receive a multi-page, detailed quote explaining exactly what his company is going to do. In addition, when you call to make an appointment, you can download an app and watch the estimator’s vehicle approaching on mapping software similar to tracking an Uber driver.

“That way, you don’t have to sit around your house waiting on us,” Mike says.

“When you see us getting close, you can head for home and meet us. Like every business, roofing is all about the customer experience.”

Roofsmith Restoration is headquartered in West Akron at 122 Western Avenue (near Ken Stewart’s Grille), but the company serves all of Northeast Ohio. For a free estimate or roof inspection, visit and complete an easy online estimate form or call 330-822-4245.