It’s so much more than joining a gym

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Jeff Tomaszewski’s MaxStrength Fitness makes one-on-one virtual training a snap. All clients need is a smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet. Sessions are scheduled via Zoom and run month-to-month. There are no long-term commitments. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

I’m with Jeff Tomaszewski, founder of MaxStrength Fitness, for a coffee break between training sessions. As we reflect on the chaotic year behind us, and chat about the one that lies before us, two words keep coming up: thankful and hopeful.

“While many businesses in the fitness and training industry have been hurt by the pandemic, we have held our own,” says Jeff. “Through appointment-only, one-on-one strength training, the sheer volume of people we serve is lower than most gyms. Our clients only come twice weekly for 20-minute sessions. And our facility was already a very sterile environment.”

Like all facilities that were shut down by the state on March 17 and reopened on May 26, MaxStrength had to follow new protocols.

“We took this as an opportunity to raise the bar,” he says. “We installed MERVE13 air filters and HEPA air purifiers. Not only do we require masks, but our trainers and clients all wear masks even while training. Clients wait in the parking lot until we call them into our facility. Temperature and wellness checks are performed.”

As a result, soon after reopening, the clients came back. In an anxious new world where people feared going into stores or churches or restaurants, they feel safe putting their trust in MaxStrength. And it turns out, for good reason.

“Over 1,400 training sessions, we have not had one incident of Covid exposure,” says Jeff. “I’m thankful for the clients we’ve helped stay in shape so their immune systems can function at their peak ability. Our survival has meant their survival.”

He says helping people find sanity in the midst of chaos and remain positive and hopeful through the uncertainty has been a humbling experience.

Choosing Virtual Training
Jeff and his creative team of trainers also responded to the pandemic by creating the MaxStrength Virtual Training program of one-on-one training in the comfort of your home.

“Rather than just mimicking what a trainer or another person is doing, our trainers expertly guide people through the exercises and interact with them through plans that are customized to their goals,” he says. “Through consistent virtual training, they can still stay in great shape and boost their immune system. Our staff of professionals will be there with them every step of the way.”

Clients do not need any special equipment, and the program includes a variety of helpful things like weekly live sessions to discuss health, wellness and nutrition topics.

Virtual clients have been thrilled with the experience.

MaxStrength Fitness offers a heightened level of training in person. Two no-sweat 20-minute sessions per week with high-tech equipment have been designed to fatigue the muscles efficiently and completely so they can rebuild.

“Not only was I able to get a great workout, I was able to interact with someone other than just my family,” says Rita.

Firing up Your Immune System
Those in the medical community are saying this is an important year to get your flu shot, as getting the flu can weaken your immune system and leave you vulnerable to catching other viruses. In the same token, Jeff points out that research has shown the significant link between exercise and a strengthened immune system.

“When your body is operating at peak efficiency, it’s in a better position to fight colds and viruses,” he says. “Staying in optimum health also wards off high blood pressure and cholesterol, lack of energy and decreased bone density.”

Taking the Business National in 2021
MaxStrength’s core concept of transforming lives via two 20-minute sessions per week is novel and profound.

For the past several years, there has been interest for Jeff to take his successful business model to the national level through franchising.

“We are in the final stages preparing to roll out during the first quarter of next year,” he says. “This is an exciting and hopeful time for us. We are blessed.”

MaxStrength Fitness is located at 2211 Crocker Road, in Westlake or 4212 State Route 306 in Willoughby.

Working with The Germ Free Company, the studio is continually disinfected. They also limit the number of clients allowed in the facility and run wellness checks on staff to make sure they’re symptom-free. Call 440-835-9090 for Westlake or for Willoughby at 440-226-8080 or visit for more information or to view more testimonials.