Knollwood Cemetery invites you to see how pre-planning provides many benefits and savings

Web Bob Glavac And Sandra Basch
Bob Glavac and Sandra Basch (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Your future is predicated on the plans you put into place in the present. That’s key when making decisions about your final wishes. Selecting an internment space before you need one is an important decision that’s best made calmly and without emotion.

“Pre-need purchasing provides many benefits and savings as well as peace of mind that can be gained in no other way,” says Forest Reichert, who has been president of the Knollwood Cemetery Association in Mayfield Heights for the past 30 years. “Pre-need purchasing is locked in at current prices and done at a slower pace, so people can ensure their choice of a location, regardless if it’s an above- or below-ground selection.”

Knollwood Cemetery has two professionally trained family services personnel—Bob Glavac and Sandra Basch—who can clearly and compassionately lead a family through this process.

“Pre-need is a simple and easy way to ensure that your choices are respected and carried out without leaving your family to wonder what your wishes might have been,” says Forest. “All phases of the burial process are available to children or grandchildren, so their loved ones’ final wishes are fulfilled.”

He invites anyone to visit on a nice summer day, enjoy the verdant acres, and explore the top-notch grounds and historic buildings and memorials that make up this leader of burial parks in Northeast Ohio.

Founded over a century ago, Knollwood Cemetery is located at 1678 SOM Center Road, in Mayfield Heights. Call 440-442-2800 or visit for details.