Live your best life with LifeWorks of Southwest General

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n 2018, LifeWorks of Southwest General once again ranked among Club Industry magazine’s Top 100 fitness centers in the country. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Ken McEntee

More than ever, it’s important to take care of yourself, insists Karen Raisch-Siegel, executive director of LifeWorks of Southwest General.

“The fitness center you belong to can make a huge difference,” she says. “Our outstanding programs, amenities and expert instructors give our members just about everything they need to stay fit and healthy. Most importantly, LifeWorks is a place where they want to be.”

And it’s been that way for 20 years, Karen proudly adds, as LifeWorks celebrates two decades of providing health and wellness to its community.

“We feel that everybody has the potential to live their best life, and we’re just here to help,” she says. “This is why we do our best to provide a friendly, clean, and comfortable atmosphere for people to come to.”

Here are just some of the reasons why members love LifeWorks, Karen says:

Comfortable Atmosphere
“As an adult-only facility, one of the things we realize at LifeWorks is that people just want to feel better,” Karen says.

“We all want to look better, of course, but I think people want to feel better, and I think our comfortable environment provides that feeling. For many people, the hardest part about working out can be showing up. When you feel good about yourself and about where you are, it really motivates you to come and work out.”

Fitness Diversity
LifeWorks offers a wide variety of exercise options.

“We can tone your muscles, strengthen your heart, help you lose weight and increase your flexibility,” says Stacey Hancock, Ph.D., LifeWorks’ group exercise coordinator.

“We’re flexible and are attentive to what our members want. Exercise can sometimes be boring, so we do our best to add new group exercise class formats to our schedule throughout the year. The classes help people to stay motivated and keep coming back each week because they are having fun. The freedom our members have to come to any class any time also is a big help. If a member wants to try yoga that day, they can just go to the class.”

The diversity lets members work out at their own pace and ability level, Karen adds.

LifeWorks’ amenities don’t end with the workout.

“Our members appreciate our deluxe locker room amenities, like full towel service, a dry sauna, a steam room, a whirlpool and digital lockers,” Karen says.

“Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryers and lotion are also provided for their convenience. And you should see our newly renovated showers. They are gorgeous.”

Coaching and Assistance
“Coaching is one of the main things that separates us from most of the gyms and recreation centers,” says Jessica Livers, LifeWorks’ membership supervisor. “We provide our members with the assistance they need to create an exercise routine and teach them how to properly use all the equipment.”

Hospital Owned
“Being owned and operated by Southwest General, I think we are held to a higher standard,” Jessica says.

A membership at LifeWorks can cost about $52 per month. Your membership includes complimentary fitness coaching for the length of your membership with degreed exercise specialists, over 100 exercise classes weekly, program reviews and reassessments and various free health seminars and incentive programs. You don’t pay extra for any of these services.

To get started, you can call the membership department at 440-816-4214 to schedule an appointment for a facility tour that will help you decide whether LifeWorks is right for you. LifeWorks of Southwest General is located at 7390 Old Oak Blvd., in Middleburg Heights. The website includes a complete class schedule and can be found at