Lunula cold laser treatment eradicates nail fungus

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Podiatrist Dr. Danielle Shaper, owner of Finesse Footcare, offers the latest cold laser treatment option for nail fungus. (Photography:Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Although we’re all finally enjoying warmer springtime temps, those suffering from fungal toenails—one in 10 people—are already dreading going barefoot this summer.

Nail fungus causes thickened, discolored and misshapen nails.

Traditional treatment for fungal toenails, including hot lasers, topical creams and oral medications, is often not effective, and can come with unpleasant side effects.

But not anymore.

Podiatrist Dr. Danielle Shaper, founder of Finesse Footcare in Lyndhurst, is thrilled to introduce to the area the first non-thermal laser, the Lunula.

“Made in the USA, this breakthrough FDA-cleared, low-level laser therapy is effective and touchless,” she explains. “In a seated position, patients just position their feet under it for 12 minutes a session. It only takes four weekly sessions to show improvement. Being non-thermal is especially important in patients who have diabetes and neuropathy and might not be able to feel the heat of the laser. This is a pain-free cold laser that’s been proven effective in trials.”

Since the Lunula taps into low wavelengths and frequencies, patients do not experience burning sensations or discomfort. Plus, there’s no downtime or restrictions, patients are free to leave Dr. Shaper’s office following treatment and go about their day.

“I did extensive research on this laser when I first heard it was hitting the market, and, according to the trials, it’s a novel way to treat a nagging condition that’s tough to treat,” she says. “The patients I’ve started treating with it are already seeing wonderful results.”

Patients who make an appointment with the laser now can expect to see results by summer. Why not slide into those flip-flops with confidence?

Finesse Footcare is located at 5035 Mayfield Road in Lyndhurst. Same-day appointments are usually available. As a full-service podiatrist, Dr. Shaper also treats most foot and ankle issues, such as ingrown toenails, bunions, heel pain, hammertoes, corns, diabetic footcare, orthotics, sports medicine and surgery. She also performs basic routine foot care. The practice accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. Call 216-382-8070 or visit for more information.