Mary wanted to improve muscle tone and energy, so she turned to MaxStrength Fitness to get there

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After several months at Jeff Tomaszewski’s (left) MaxStrength Fitness, Mary Dolph’s key medical numbers, such as level of inflammation, are the best they’ve been in five years. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

The profound impact of strength training is having a moment.

A recent study suggests that lifting weights protects you against heart attacks and strokes better than running or cycling.

Conducted by researchers at St. George’s University, the study analyzed data from 4,086 adults. It found a connection between muscle-building exercise and reductions in body weight and blood pressure, as well as fewer incidences of diabetes.

Though the findings might be shocking to many in the healthcare and fitness arena, this is more of a “preaching to the choir” situation for Jeff Tomaszewski, founder of MaxStrength Fitness studio.

Back in 2000, when he was a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University, Jeff conducted his own study—one that was the basis of his master’s thesis, that pointed to the effectiveness of strength training in improving a person’s overall cardiovascular efficiency.

And in 2007, he opened MaxStrength based on the optimal equation of 20-minute muscle building sessions scheduled twice a week, aimed at fatiguing the muscles and allowing them to rebuild.

Tailor Made for Cardiac Issues
Spinal fusion surgery and heart surgery left 70-year-old retired school psychologist Mary Dolph of Waite Hill thinking fitness training was not a fit for her.

“I cannot have my heart rate go above 100 beats per minute,” says the mother of three and grandmother of two. “But then I read about MaxStrength in Mimi Magazine and wondered if they’d have the knowledge and expertise to work with me.”

Says Jeff, “During her initial consultation, we took the pace slow and safe, modifying every part of her workout to make sure her heart rate stayed where it should, and that she wasn’t experiencing pain.”

“The trainers had such a high level of knowledge and training, I felt immediately comfortable here,” she says. “After not having exercised for the past three or four years, my goal was primarily to gain muscle and endurance. Before my surgeries, I was quite active, always hiking, cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing, and I had done some strength training and enjoyed it.”

She reports that after several months at MaxStrength, her key medical numbers, such as level of inflammation, are the best they’ve been in five years.

“In addition to muscle tone and more energy, I also am enjoying improved mobility,” she says. “As a perennial gardener, before coming here I could only work in the garden for 10 minutes or so. Now I can be out there for three hours. It’s lovely.”

She describes the trainers as being like family, always greeting her when she comes in the door.

“The sweat-free workouts are so much fun,” she continues. “Trainers are with you at all times, watching that you have correct form and making modifications when needed.”

Jeff also mentions that most personal trainers would not have taken Mary as a client, with her medical limitations. “We have the expertise to mold a program around a client’s specifications,” he says. “There are no cookie-cutter workouts here.”

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