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Recovery could be at risk

For those with substance use disorders, research is already indicating concerning rises in the number of relapses and overdoses during the pandemic. “When someone is already struggling with cravings and triggers to use, anxiety, depression and uncertainty only amplify that,” says Lisa M. Borchert, M.A. Ed., LPCC, who 20 years ago founded...

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Holiday remodeling, the gift that keeps on giving

During 2020, we’ve all spent way more time at home than ever before. A silver lining of that is we’ve had our eyes opened with a fresh perspective, rethinking each room’s functionality and potential. This holiday, why not give your family something that will really make a difference in your lives and add lasting value to your...

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Connect with Mr. Kringle

He’s the magical gent who came to town and pulled off a miracle on 34th Street. All the wonderment that makes the season bright lives on today in Mr. Kringle. For the past 14 years, Kringle’s Inventionasium Experience has provided a festive walk-through excursion of Santa’s toy lab in downtown Cleveland. This year, the experience...

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Finesse Footcare offers a non-invasive way to treat heel pain

Working long shifts on her feet all day as a child life specialist, Carolyn A. is no stranger to discomfort. For the past 15 years, she’s suffered from stabbing pain in her heel. She’s tried everything from steroid injections to massage, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy—yet the aches only worsened. “I heard about...

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The pros at Guhde Flooring America have what it takes to guide contractors, DIYers and homeowners toward design solutions that work

Guhde Flooring America has earned a reputation as one of the area’s premier resources for transforming homes by offering a wide selection of flooring, cabinetry and counters installed by a seasoned team of craftspeople. But they are also known as a best place in town where local contractors send their clients for selections and...

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