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Your child can learn about the foundation of America

Liberty Camp Geauga was created by a small group of concerned citizens who heeded the words of George Washington. “The primary object should be the education of our youth….the future guardians of the liberties of our country,” he said. Liberty Camp Geauga teaches history to students in grades first through seventh in a fun,...

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Acclaim Renovations & Design took this outdated kitchen and revamped the layout to create more space

Sometimes the heart of a kitchen renovation is about more than stunning cabinetry and gleaming countertops. With this Willoughby Hills transformation, the modest-sized space was begging for a makeover to accommodate a busy household of seven children. Bob Gallese, owner of Acclaim Renovations & Design, says his design team pulled out all the...

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Affordable employee benefits

In the coming months, many group health plans will come up for renewal, so now is a good time to take a look at where you and your employees stand. If you offer employee benefits, you already know that offering health coverage can mean the difference between retaining quality employees and having them jump ship to look for better employment...

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The Warrior: Winning the fight against skin cancer

“You’ve got skin cancer.” These life-altering words are ones no one wants to hear, but with surgeons like Dr. Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga, of Apex Dermatology, patients in Northeast Ohio have a warrior ready to arm them with a 98 percent or higher cure rate. Dr. Garcia is one of the few doctors in the state trained to detect and remove...

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At the new Alleviant Health Centers of Akron, psychiatric help is immediately available

Shifting the focus of mental healthcare and pain management from medication-dependent care to a holistic integrated approach—addressing the whole person—Alleviant Health Centers of Akron is offering innovative treatments for people with chronic pain or mood disorders. “The wait is over for people who have been suffering,” says...

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