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Stay active to eliminate pain with physical therapy first

When pain is present, your body will naturally want to limit movement and then compensate and create new injuries. You hurt your foot, ankle, shoulder, hand, or knee, and everyone wants to immobilize it. They want to put you in a boot, a splint or a brace and tell you to go on with your day and the follow up in two weeks to see how it’s going...

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What causes hearing loss?

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. We strive to educate the community and spread awareness about hearing loss and the importance of seeking help. The average person waits seven to 10 years after they have been diagnosed or affected by hearing loss to pursue treatment. That’s a statistic we hope to reverse. The sooner hearing loss...

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With final expense insurance, payment is immediate

Most people are familiar with term life insurance, but its often overlooked cousin, final expense insurance (whole life), can prove to be just as valuable. Final expense insurance can pick up where term life leaves off. Many people purchase term life to cover things like support for a spouse or children. But it does have an end date, often...

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Daveron Design + Build can create a personal paradise right in your own backyard

Josh Javins is Daveron Design + Build’s dedicated exterior specialist for outdoor living spaces. Josh has more than 20 years of experience in the products and installation process for decks, patios, fences, boat docks and more. “The process starts with a phone call for a brief idea of your project’s scope,” says Josh. “A home...

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Fig Leaf Coffee Company might just be roasting & pouring the world’s best coffee with premium beans sourced from across the globe

We’ve all noticed spiking prices on just about everything recently, and our daily coffee boost is no exception. Tom Nemeth, founder of Fig Leaf Coffee Company, a specialty coffee roaster in Chesterland, is roasting the finest quality, specialty beans he sources from all around the world. He sympathizes with the current plight of coffee...

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