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Meet the Artist: Brenda Glasure, Tread the Terra

“Brenda, you are strong, smart and resilient. You can tread the terra on your own terms.” Years ago, during some health struggles, local jewelry designer Brenda Glasure was moved by this insightful comment from a friend. This interaction changed Brenda’s perspective, filling her with purpose and resolve. “Tread the Terra is sort of an...

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Chronic pain: Mind, body, spirit

By definition, chronic pain is a significant discomfort you have lived with for a long time, often resulting in countless doctor visits over the years as well as dozens of treatments. In the modern world, we want a physician to “fix” us, to repair what’s broken with surgery, an injection or a pill. But chronic pain often does not respond...

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Proper flooring installation matters

All the time and careful consideration you put into selecting the perfect new flooring for your room could be compromised if it isn’t properly installed, cautions Donald Green, vice president of MDG Flooring America, in Medina. Below, Donald explains more about quality flooring installation. Q: Why does installation matter?A: Proper...

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Final expense insurance (whole life), can prove to be just as valuable as life insurance

Most people are familiar with term life insurance, but its often overlooked cousin, final expense insurance (whole life), can prove to be just as valuable. Final expense insurance can pick up where term life leaves off. Many people purchase term life to cover things like support for a spouse or children. But it does have an end date, often...

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Wash, Protect, Renew: More than just a power washing

What do you get when you cross warm, wet and dark? The answer: grime—including dirt, mildew, algae and moss. “The warm March and wet April created a perfect storm,” explains Pristine Clean founder Ken Wilson. “Plus, the lack of sunshine in April prevented our siding, roofs and concrete from drying out and that has allowed mold and...

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