Meet the Artist: Bob Pozarski, Ohio Art Glass

Bp Mustard Seed
Bending, distorting, transforming.

By Kelli Comer

For over 40 years, local glass artist Bob Pozarski has been illuminating the windows of Northeast Ohio with his stunning stained glass works of art.

“Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by light and color—sun, sky, flowers and woods,” Bob says. “Always, I have made colorful things. My other inspiration is the material itself. Glass is a hard material to craft with, but the way it transmits colored light, reflects and distorts amuses me. I fill my work with lenses and prisms for optical effects and use transparent glass that projects the color into the house.”

Bob’s inspiration from the world around us is apparent in his work. It reflects the power and wonder of nature—sunburst and rainstorms, night skies, wild sunsets and swirling galaxies.

Bob Pozarski

Bob takes his craft to the next level by creating his own glass to achieve his desired effects. He is self-taught in the stained glass craft and glass fusing. “By kiln casting, fusing and blowing glass, I make thick, colorful patterned glass,” he explains. “I often grind and polish that glass to get refracted light. The leaded window compositions are a frame to hold this decorative glass up to the light.”

“When I began glass blowing, I needed to take classes for that. I learned from the professionals at the Steinert Glass School and the Pittsburgh Glass School, where I specialized in the intricate patterns of Venetian glass,” explains Bob. “We pull colored glass threads at 2,000 degrees, spin them into spirals, make discs of color inside color, blow and stretch. I use this special glass to make my windows unique.”

Bob’s work is on display at the Mustard Seed Market & Café in Highland Square in Akron and at the Peninsula Art Academy, where he teaches beginning and advanced glass blowing classes. They also offer glass fusing and stained glass classes.

Bob has a background in education with a bachelor’s degree from Kent State University, where he took art classes that eventually led to his current career path. “I took enough art classes there to know that I wanted to make art every day,” smiles Bob.

To reach Bob Pozarski, you can email him at For regular updates and to find out more about the artist and his work, visit him on Facebook at Bob Pozarski Ohio Art Glass.

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